What's your most Recent Purchase? [Archive]

Simple question, whats your most recent Pokemon card/item buy ?

Dont have to share if you dont want to. Im as slow as turtle when it comes to posting but i thought this could become neat thread.

It doesnt even have to be your most recent purchase, but a long term goal your proud of and need an audience that would appreciate it.

It could of been a collection goal or a spontaneous buy. Just post a photo of the item and add a description if you like.

Here mine, very recent so i dont have it in hand even. Auction Photos :sunglasses:

Its an Exclusive Folder purchased via Pokemon Center Tokyo in July 19th 1998. Sealed


I just made preorder for Dragon Majesty Salamence GX box so that is my most recent purchase


Simple answer :blush:.


I just purchased a PSA 9 Neo Revelation Holo Delibird. Christmas is coming and my room needs it for the small shrine I’m building. :grin:


:heart_eyes: me some new Hoopa’s and that amazing Prof Elm with the gen 2 starters. S&M Trainers are killing it.


I’m going to come across like a new mother on Facebook posting this because I’ve already shared on Facebook, Instagram, and E4 Discord but this is my most recent purchase. Super excited.


Got lucky with a recent listing for a folder :blush: Had been looking for a better condition Charizard for a little while

Thankfully all 4 Pikachu variants were near mint!! :sunglasses:


A dozen of japanese promo cards from DP/DPt era, package will arrive in a month hopefully. Just received a Troll and Toad order with some POP series common and a bunch of Yu Gi Oh promo.


My most recent Pokémon purchase were two Korean Fairy Rise booster boxes in search for the three Mimikyu cards (one Ultra Rare, and two Secret Rares including the Hyper Rare). Unfortunately I didn’t get any of the three in either of the two boxes… :sob: I was able to buy the Hyper Rare on eBay, but I’m still missing the other two. I hope they pop up soon, because I don’t really want to buy yet another box and get even more duplicates…

My actual most recent arrival isn’t Pokémon related, but is definitely something cool. These Yu-Gi-Oh errors I won all from the same seller:

Six Samurai miscut set. Although Yu-Gi-Oh errors are much more abundant than Pokémon errors in my experience, miscuts are definitely more common to find for Pokémon than for Yu-Gi-Oh.

Four cards with the Eye of Anubis (that’s usually in the bottom-right as you can see with the cards in the other pictures) only halve at the top or bottom:

A No Name Gold Rare v2 and No Name Secret Rare v3:

An Ultimate Rare where every part of the holofoil is shifted towards the left:

And the one I’m personally most excited about is this Gold Rare with misprinted Prismatic Rare name (the name is normally Golden, but is now Silver), which is also off-centered. So it’s actually a double error (but was only advertised as off-centered name, which is pretty common to find in Yu-Gi-Oh, so I was able to win it for a steal :grin: EDIT 2020: Apparently the silver name is normal for cards printed in Europe. Those in Europe are all silver for this PGLD set, whereas those in the US have the regular golden names. Still a nice off-centered name error, though.).



Strictly speaking, 4 McDonalds cards and a mystery cube from Walmart. (Didn’t pull anything good at all)

However, I have some recent eBay purchases waiting for me when I get home. Lillie and Cosmog promo, a Platinum booster pack, neo Destiny shining Celebi, and a Japanese jungle booster pack.

Waiting for a shining legends Celebi and shining legends Lugia to arrive, as well as a Russian 2016 McDonald’s promo toy and card, neo revelation shining Magikarp, a poncho Eevee as Vaporeon (PSA 9! My first PSA card!), Japanese gold star Mewtwo, shadowless Pokemon Breeder, and a korean Sun and Moon booster box.

Phew. :grin:


I just purchased 600+ Shadowless C. / Un. Cards off eBay. I’ve had that listing on my Watch List for MONTHS! They’re advertised as being EX to MINT Condition. However, there really isn’t a whole lot of specific information to go off - and the one picture of the back-sides does not look very promising… We’ll see though, I finally decided to pull the trigger using my eBay Bucks and the 10% Off eBay Deal that was going-on yesterday. Fingers Crossed!




Nice thread my boi. I like to see what other people are interested in. Here’s a screengrab from my ebay account:


Nothing expensive for me.


2 sets of these:

…and 2 sets of these:


Add to that shrine!!!


Lol I did the same, good luck w/ the cards!


These two beauties. I am really looking forward to them arriving in the mail :slightly_smiling_face:


I bought a PSA 9 unlimited No holo Error Dragonite to from fellow e4 member ssjc!


I recently preordered the ultra shiny gx box that’s due out Nov. 2nd. I know they’re gonna go down in price, but what the hey.