Best Purchases Looking Back Thread

Thought this could be a good twist on the “Purchases” Topic.
Post your best purchases in the past that could never be seen again.

Personally I bought a CGC 9.5 Munch Psyduck for $300 back in 2021
Bought an Ultra premium Hidden Fates Rayquaza Box for $250
Bought a CP3+ Ultra Premium empty Box for $200 that came with everything minus rares out of the packs. It came with a sealed Shaymin Promo that alone went for $300 sealed.
Bought a PokeKyun Sealed MINTY Box for $1,600 (Biggest Purchase for me at the Time)

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How far are we looking back? This could get painful to watch :smile:


Lol whatever you want to post as long as you purchased it. But no crying please, do that on Facebook.

I guess my best one was skyridge gyarados holo for 9$ 4 years ago, couldn’t believe my eyes when i saw my search alert, even more so when the card actually arrived


Probably when I started purchasing some booster boxes when I got back into the hobby right around and after college, 2009-2010 ish… I purchased an Ex Power Keepers, FRLG, Rising Rivals and maybe Supreme Victors booster boxes? I still have the email receipt from Dave and Adams card world for the Power Keepers box for $69.95. Let’s see if i can get this screenshot to work…


Buying unlimited Base from Poland and the Neo Gen box my best T17 came from.

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Nothing too crazy for me since I came back in 2020, but these elite trainer boxes have done well, except Hidden Fates :slight_smile:


I’ve bought some great things and missed out on some even better ones. My favorite thing to do is purchase collections and sort through them.
I picked up this wonderful deal off Mercari back in mid 2020

Just sorting through the collection was worth the price alone :), no super rare cards but a few no rarities. I believe I’ve only kept some of the playable trainers, vending and promos but it was such a fun purchase and often think about finding another similar one day.


Bought a bunch of Team Rocket Returns packs for 3.99 when it came out. Pretty good purchase.


I bought all 4 complete jp neo sets in nm(minus the shinings) in 2017 when i first started for like $200… still have them all in a binder! Great to look at, and definitely one of my favorite early purchases


Hard to see from the pic but there’s some sealed Generations product, and tons of NM-M WotC holos including base & base 2 Charizard/Blastoise, mint Dragonite Fossil and there were a ton of others on other pictures (eBay mobile can’t pull up pictures from 90+ day purchases)

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mimikyu got a 10


Man, I was looking into PokeKyun boxes just today. Bummed I missed out on that one!

@vic stonks!!!

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Best TCG related would be a binder as a kid that my dad had me keep all my more “valuable” pokemon/digimon/sports cards in.

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I think the one purchase thats raised the most is my cp6 booster box. Got it for I think 95 bucks

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Mine is a 1st edition base Charizard for $500 back in 2019. Also a PSA 10 1st Edition Dark Charizard in 2018 for $465.


Think best thing I got was a sealed base set shadowless box for $60 dollars in like 2009-2012 but the fun thing was last 3 cards in the pack were 1st edition


Did it have a 1st edition rare in them too?

BBRruuhhhh X_X

Complete Skyridge holo set (minus crystals, starmie, houndoom) graded PSA 9 with a few 10s
$2000 Jan 1 2020

I won a pokekyun box like this one for $50 on auction probably around 2019

Dec 2018

$500 for a master scroll that graded psa 10 sometime early 2018

Basically anything before 2018 is going to be a steal by today’s standards