Best Purchases Looking Back Thread

I technically got back into it in 2019 when I bought a base, jungle, fossil, master set for 300 after watching maxmoefoe open vintage packs. definition of an impulse purchase. It came with a bunch of modern that I had never seen before, so I decided to check ebay to see what I had been missing out on since 2000. Almost bought the mario/luigi pikas, but didn’t. :upside_down_face: Now of course I can’t afford those. Hate thinking what my collection would be like had I continued buying in 2019.



Munch mini card file from Pokémon Center at MSRP (cheaper than shipping lol )
And yeah, Mimikyu got a 10.

Also got 2 Master Battle Sets at MSRP.


Ended up selling these 2 with charmander for $10k in 2021


September 2015: 1st edition Red Cheeks Pikachu for 14 USD and 1st edition Jungle Pikachu for 0.80 USD


August 2016: Japanese Red Raincoat Art Academy card: 300 euros (and I’ve bought another Art Academy card, the English Hawaii Dancer, for 320 USD two months later).


December 2018: 085/SM-P The Masked Royal PSA-10: 3450 USD (way over marked value at the time - and people called me crazy :sweat_smile: Let’s just say I’m happy I was crazy, since my FA Supporter & Character Rare collection is still 100% complete because of it and it’s worth ~60k USD nowadays.)

And one more that I actually sold later on: PSA-10 1st edition Red Cheeks Pikachu.
July 2019: bought for 600 AUD (~375 euros with the exchange rate at the time):

September 2020: sold for ~6k euros after insured shipping costs (which was ~7.5k USD including fees + insured shipping - not only prices have changed a lot over time, but the exchange rate between USD and euros as well… :sweat: )

The 2019 to 2020 transition of the market was extremely crazy… This was basically a ~1600% increase in value in little over a year, haha. And 2-3 months later, some were sold at its peak for ~11-12k USD.



y’all gonna love this one:

I sold this NFT for the equivalent of ~$20,000. I minted it for free and sold it the same day. This was 3 weeks ago.

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I’m a new collector so I don’t have old war stories. But… a TRR PSA 9 Dark Dragonite RH for $375 AUD 2 months ago. Got lucky I guess, sold it for more than double 1 month ago. Stonks.



Top of the line is probably the old Booster Boxes I purchased. Hard to put a year on it at this point…
1st Edition Neo Genesis Booster Box $700
1st Edition Jungle $450
1st Edition Fossil $500
Base Set Unlimited $650, then again at $800
3 Boxes of Neo Destiny unlimited for $600 each from Hawaii with complimentary macadamia nuts!
Raw Grand Party that later graded a PSA 10 for $80
Raw 1st Edition Dark Zard for $40 that came back a PSA 10
PSA 6 Shadowless Charizard for $150 that had a bow, not a bend in the card which I then cracked and resubmitted for a PSA 9 after flattening out.
$40 bucks each for unopened japanese red/green gift set decks

Biggest miss was a mint Skyridge Charizard Holo… held it in my hand and was offered it for $70. I didn’t take it because I didn’t care for skyridge at the time. Dumb…


Bruh I just purchased a PSA 9 for 900 X_X lol


I could post effectively all of my purchases from before 2020, but I like to show that there’s still some amazing purchases out there if you dig, even in a crazy market.


Most of these graded bgs 8.5 and are still in my collection today, it ended sub 1k$ and it was in 2020 during the panic sell very start of the pandemic


I picked up a torterra lv.x tin while dppt era sealed was blowing up- Im very happy I did!


When I graduated college (ca. 2009), I bought a skyridge booster box for 300$. Cracked it sold most of the duplicates, but I still have the rest, and have slowly been grading. Solid ROI. I also bought a complete TRR reverse set for 200$ a few years later (But that is for me, not selling, except for the ex cards, which are solid 8s, and should give a decent ROI as well). Always wish I’d bought more, but I didn’t have the money…


Luigi is one of my favorite characters, so when this promo was announced I knew I had to snag a box. I can’t believe this was almost 6 years ago, jeez.


There are a couple ways you can look at this: what has gone up the most, or what was the best deal considering prices at the time.

If it’s the former, anything bought a few years ago will be good, as mentioned above. Realistically we’re all just waiting for anyone who bought an Illustrator for less than 10k to chime in :slight_smile:

For example, there’s an old thread here (unfortunately I can’t find it atm) where a member won one for about $6k IIRC. I’m tempted to say this became the PSA 10 copy but there are so many strings to follow there I really don’t know. Absolutely do not take this to be anything other than wild speculation/pie in the sky.

Not mine, but here is a thread where someone won a 2002 No. 1 Trainer for 72k yen. At this point I’m just plugging old posts… I will always encourage people to go back and read them!

For me/single items would be either a Mew Victory Orb that I bought for 50k yen (about £400 at the time), or a 1ED Torchic gold star for about 9k yen (about £70), both of which graded 10. I probably meant to sell both of them years ago, but was too lazy to do so. Of course, everything I did sell I should have kept as well.

Further proof that fat hands > diamond hands :upside_down_face:


percentage wise this was also pretty good


A year ago I had to force someone to take money for a playtest card and a wotc yellow filler card. They just wanted to send them to me for shipping costs. Not sure if it counts as a purchase though.

Maybe the $300 Neo Dark deck that they sent along with free bonuses of a Neo4 and a Wind from the sea pack. They wouldnt take money for those either.

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Met this jock-type guy and his friend that he brought along for security in a cafe, after reaching out to him on craigslist. I gave him 275 USD for his childhood binder of cards. I flipped through them and stopped counting after i hit 60 WOTC holos, and just handed him the money. It gets better.
When I got home, I was taking out the cards from the binder and was struck by the quality. It quickly became clear that all of the cards were gem mint - the guy had obviously pulled them from a pack as a kid and stuck them into the binder with no handling. It gets better. He had stacked all multiples of cards behind each other. What was a 300~ card binder actually held something like 1000. Most of the cards were gem mint first edition WOTC rocket returns, and gym set cards. So, i have a massive stack of flawless 1st ED WOTC cards hanging around. I’m religiously against grading, but if I were ever to grade, some of those would make it in.