Wonder who got this bargain??

Pokemon No.1 Trainer 2002!

Was watching this auction, would have bid but no money left this month auction came at the worst time for me… :frowning:


Whoever did it was a deal of a lifetime. I think another copy of that card might appear soon

Wasn’t me…I lost to another Noppin bidder. :slightly_frowning_face: It stinks, several Noppin bidders bid on it and they don’t tell you if another Noppin bidder had a higher bid. My bid was over 72000 Yen, but because another Noppin bidder had one higher than me I didn’t win. I was thinking of just making an absurdly high bid, but theres always a risk that someone (not from Noppin) would try and snipe the card at the end and then I would be stuck with an absurdly high price.

Oh well…

I have been in that position with a master book promo. It was confusing because I was forced to bid higher than what the card ended at.

I did not get that particular card…but I did manage to get another! :wink:

Another no 1 trainer?

Yes sir! :blush:

I was planning to come in late and snipe the card for a max of 65000. But the auction was already at 72000 and so I did not bid.

Oftentimes several of us upcccc people bid through Noppin on the same auction. This is actually an advantage for us and a disavantage for the Japanese sellers, because these auctions tend to end a bit lower than they could have.

shpunto9, I agree, making an absurdly high bid is very risky. The best long-term strategy for winning such Noppin/upccc auctions at reasonable prices is probably to enter your respective maximum bid 5 to 15 seconds before the end of the auction.

I’m very VERY confused. My bid was higher than 72,000.

In fact, it was MY bid that drove it to 72,000. So how on earth did I lose the auction? I get shpunto’s situation but not mine, because it was my bid that drove it 72000!

Emailing noppin now - have I got this wrong?

I was watching it and it originally showed 72000 and 9 bids …I checked back latter and it was 72000 and 11 bids…not sure how that works considering it goes buy multiples of 1000 and should drive up the price. I think something got a little mixed up on their end :slightly_frowning_face:. …Kinda glad I went a different route.

I sent Noppin a message and think I’ve worked out how it works… essentially daria is right.

I pushed the auction to 72,000. Then, others made their bids which were higher than 72,000, but they were all Noppin bidders.

Whoever got the bargain was the person who bid the highest amongst Noppin, but only for 72,000 since to Y!J they can’t see who got it within Noppin.

Bah, so shpunto and I were in the same situation then!

EDIT: Noppin told me what the highest bid was and shit - I would’ve gone higher than that! Well, you live and learn

Mike what no 1 is it?

It was another 2002 No.1 Trainer

Wow congrats!

So does that mean all 3 No.1 trainers are accounted for? Scott’s, Mike’s and whoever got this one?

Did you get yours for a bargain too Mike?

So far there are four. Uniques,Scotts,Mine, and whoever got this one. I would say I got mine at a fair price.

Hmmm… are all of them 2002 trainers? The design ran for more than 1 year I believe, so…

Those girl art ones are awsome!

I’m sure the girls ones did! Didn’t they?

I’ll check my conversations with promo sen; maybe also ask the other uk sellers (smason/mozz/jimmy) too for info

@mkpokecc - Were there sixteen tournaments? Brian has admitted that he randomly chose that number based on an inquiry to a participant - who wasn’t sure himself.

Intriguingly, I have only seen two age divisions thus far - Senior (シニア) and Master (マスター). Has anyone ever seen a Junior division card?

Yes, I have also seen that broken image. It is on PokéGym, too. The 2002 No. 1 (Female) is in the 29th square. The thumbnail is active, yet the image is not working. It used to work, IIRC.

(Laughs) What the…? Did you make that?

Whoever got it, let us know! (We won’t hate THAT much :stuck_out_tongue:)