2010 Trophy Pikachu

Well a trophy pikachu has escaped me yet again…I was really excited i found one within price range for me and right as i was about to place my bid and someone beat me to it :confused:…anyway whoever purchased it had a feedback of over 47900+ …I would be willing to bet a company bought it which kind of upsets because they will try to turn it around for a huge profit. Any thoughts??

Yes I saw this card and was tempted but just don’t have that kind of money right now :confused:

Sorry you didn’t get it mike :confused: I think you are right about the buyer. It might re-appear with an outrageous price. I don’t know if it will sell though, the english cards in my experience are difficult to move at times. Everyone wants a david persin price but if he already has the year he will pass.

Yeah its a shame, I though i was going to get it too…but my time will come. I just hope it eventually makes its way to a collector who will keep it.

Yeah I defeintely agree that it is dumb if they are trying to just make a profit on it. I sell cards that I have DOUBLES of, but that is usually because I bought a bundle and just want to make some money back.

I think that is a gray area when describing what someone is doing in selling a card. The one’s on ebay are from people who mostly sell for a living, and to be perfectly honest, without them most of us, including you darkrai would have half the cards you do. The sellers like jimmy hume, pokeblokey/mozz/clive, brianjapan really help out collectors in obtaining cards.

Oh I agree. I don’t mind sellers because the people i have dealt with were willing to work with me. I’m talking about the sellers like infinite produx who are clearly trying to price gouge.

Sad you never got it Mike. $1000 is cheap for it, so agree that if some random company has bought it, it will be to jack up the price.

I am going to move the thread though - can totally see why you’re pissed about it, but its still valid price discussion

There was only one bid for this auction. Why didn’t you bid if you wanted the card?

Yes that is a very good point darkrai. The cards do need advertisement but the worst part is that they have been up on multiple accounts.

infinite produx is collectorscache. First, the cards that they have up should not even be there. The story of how they changed hands is shady, unethical and just a tale of greed and more greed. They were listed by the silvestros, brianjapan and now collectorscahce (ebay and their site). In this example it is very sad to see these cards listed under multiple user’s and just diminishing the luster of only seeing cards of that rarity once in a blue moon.

With that said, Jimmy hume and mozz/pokeblokey are probably two of the best sellers out there. I would say Jimmy is someone I model myself after since he has a personal collection and just sells cards on the side that he has doubles of. The sellers with standards and class such as hume and mozz are great for the pokemon community.

there was 15 seconds left and I entered 1010.00 but he beat me to it so when I hit enter ebay told me to enter an amoubt of 1025.00 or more and by then it was too late and I was a sad collector.

OUCH. Oh that’s really depressing and it didn’t even happen to me!

(This is why Y!J’s automatic extension system deters this type of sniping)

Dj would you know where a 2009 no 1 is :blush:

haha I might just have to settle for the 08 No. 1

@mkpokecc - You have my heartfelt empathy and solace. I have been in identical situations :<

Lo and behold, our anonymous charlatan is vindictively on the prowl. They had recently attempted to obtain a Japanese 1999 Tropical Wind card. I call shenanigans!

I wonder who it is…?

@unique Username - Its a terrible feeling :slightly_frowning_face:

I have been sending out so many emails to different people trying to find any trophy pikachu i must be getting annoying. So far i can’t find anyone who still has one or is willing to part/accept my money. If anything whoever bought it certainly made my life a little more difficult.

Anyway, I would like to see these cards to to a collector who will cherish and enjoy them…not to make a profit. I certainly like to find out who is buying these.

It is quite a task just finding one for sale and especially in a price range. Most english trophy sellers expect the david persin prices (3rd=3,000, 2nd=5,000, and 1st=7,500). Only 3 copies per year makes it extremely difficult to track down. Hopefully the person who won it is not re-listing it for some insane price :confused:

Yeah I just need to find someone who has one. :confused: I can’t afford David Persin prices since well, i’m 19 and not particularly wealthy. However, my offer is certainly not chump change and very reasonable especially for a 3rd place.

I definitely agree with that. It is very difficult to save for one of these cards, especially if you have to worry about rent/bills and just life in general. I hope something urns up. I am sure there is an american winner who will part with theres, the english number three I purchased was in your price range :blush:

Yeah i’m sure ill come across one, I just need to be patient! …which i will admit isn’t one of my greatest virtues :stuck_out_tongue:

hahaha it is hard in collecting. I have had times where I buy something then a month later I see the same thing going for half the price, and I am like, alright pokemon gods I see you, lesson learned.

But I think you will have some luck in the summer after worlds. I always hear of cards wanting to be moved around then. Almost a guarantee :blush:

I hope I could come across one before then :stuck_out_tongue: but if not I’ll probably have to act quick. I have a feeling there will be a few people with the same idea as me.