The giant auction thread

Very nice card. I’ve been keen on buying a Japanese Great Raichu for quite some time. In the fall they sold within a range of 6,000 to 8,000 Yen, but the one today you’re suggesting is 13,500. Not exactly a bargain. Or have prices gone up?

A poster from the ADV era:

The Neo intro set:
(this one tempts me because its so cheap!)

Let’s make this a great resource so that we can pick up nice cards now and then :blush:

Interesting links I am not interested in:

;D :grin: :wink:

But seriously, Yahoo japan is too expensive right now :confused:

Why is the Neo Intro Set you linked to cheap? You can buy it on for less:

I didn’t say its cheap, but yeah more links are good :blush:

Sorry Lotti, I did say that. Bah, you’re obviously better at searching then I am!

Scott what are trying to link to? It’s not working for me :thinking:

Oh I just linked the search “pokemon cards” because just about everything on YJ! is either on ebay or expensive :confused:

What do you guys think is a good price for a VS half deck?
If you have any links to one (besides the one paper moon listed), feel free to post it :wink:

I think poly’s prices are actually pretty reasonable for the most part. This shipping is high but that is because they use express which gets to you in 3-5 days.

Which vs are you referring to the lucario one? That one is a pretty good deal.

Or you can ask me - I have a spare Lucario :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve PM’d you, Dogma!

Oh and btw, I was actually talking about this one:

See if still has some in stock. They’re cheaper there IIRC

Is wakaba still running ?

I thought it was a dead site because they havent added any items in a long time.

Think you can still buy the stuff they have in stock… maybe contact them if you’re worried?

I was intrested in buying a few items a few months back but there last update was in 2009 so i sent 3-4 emails but never got a reply so i didnt go ahead with the purchase

That sucks. FWIW I’ve bought from them last year (over a year after the last update) and got my stuff come through. No idea what I bought though. Maybe the last VS deck I needed.

If anyone can find the Osaka/Tokyo Pokemon Centre promos, could you link to them? They were 2000 yen for the pair, and I’d quite like to grab them :blush:

I’ve got a pair, the pikachu is in near mint to mint, the meowth has some slight edge whitening. PM me an offer if you’re interested.

I think they will increase :confused: I remember watching a pair go awhile back on yahoo and they went up. I like that seller though, if they could somehow get on ebay and put things at the same price, I would put a bid in consistently.