Crazy Auction Price?

Hey guys, this auction that I was watching just finished on Y!J, and the price it finished at seemed pretty crazy to me… I mean 38,000+costs for 6-7 sets of 2002 JR Rally promos…?

I dunno maybe if they were all sealed… but i might be wrong and that could be value!

The cards are actually pretty pricey in general. If people were willing to split the set and maybe pool money it’d be a pretty good deal.

True but this is just way too high. I paid well under $100 for all of my railway’s. Sure you might have to drop a lot on one or two, but this auction is why I have turned my back on yahoo japan at the moment.

Yahoo Japan’s auctions are ending as high as ebay auctions, plus YJ does not have as dense of a selection as ebay and YJ hits you with the massive shipping fee’s and necessary middleman fee’s :slightly_frowning_face: :confused:

The fees are indeed crazy, if you’re not careful you could be paying well double of the ending cost. ><

Well, in light of the fact that large numbers of us upccc people are invading Yahoo Japan, everyone well equipped with the wonderful guide, it shouldn’t surprise us that prices go up and approach those on ebay.

Thought we weren’t linking to live auctions anymore? :stuck_out_tongue:

But yeah, what Cally said. My experience is:

  • until about two weeks ago, there was actually quite strong competition on auctions by native Japanese bidders (judging by their ratings)

  • there is a steady stream of cards on Y!J but few ultra-rare cards. And by that, I mean rarer than what Cally has linked to above

  • I still think you’re more likely to see practically any card on Y!J first and cheaper than anywhere else. The only exceptions I can think of are pre-2003 trophies, where sometimes they’re sold directly to us here

  • eBay should be used as a sense check price, but now no longer should be considered market price. Sorry, has made us smarter than that

Yeah I wouldn’t say that our members are the reason’s for most of the prices. And I think that is true about japan market not knowing prices. In my experience, they are either outrageously high or low. I just saw the tropical wind up for about $800ish which is not too bad, but still high.

The one on ebay from JP-jun (japanese seller) has it at $1,700 and is stern about that price.

JP-jun is indeed a Japanese seller and is indeed expensive. I’ve bought before, but only after me pointing out how ridiculous their price was for something (even then my price wasn’t cheap)

EDIT: I’ve always wondered how the plush guys know that prices have gone up as a result of them all buying on Y!J?

It’s certainly not happening on the card side; take the illustrator sets as an example. Same price for nearly 18 months when they’re up.

But rising prices isn’t proof that just because they’ve all jumped onto Y!J prices have gone up. You’d have to show that they went up specifically because of the influx of the pkmncollector crowd

I’d love to pick up just one cel, just to say I have one! (and my comment about links was a joke - you’re doing people yet another service :blush: )