Gary's USA Yahoo Auctions

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Ill bet some of you didnt know there was a USA Yahoo Auctions back when pokemon started;) I just happened apon a feedback page of mine from back then. Kinda interesting. I think this was from about 2000. Note the prices I was getting for the individual lucky stadium cards lol.

Those prices
Grand Party for $295
ANA Promos for $311
CoroCoro Togepi for $75



So you’re one of THOSE guys…

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Lol … People loved my titles.
Back then all auctions were FREE. If you wanted higher up on the searches though you could pay for better placement. Most sellers didnt care about placement so everything, from listing to final sale, cost nothing. Pretty sweet huh?
After a couple years though, they saw feebay making that money so they started charging and within a year eBay had all their customers and yahoo auctions folded. Not sure when yahoo Japan started up.

God damn, those prices are insane! Specially for the Coro Coro Togepi! I just got a 9 set for like $10. lmao!

How much did the Grand Party and Lucky Stadiums go for at that time?

2/3 hundred for the grand party’s and you can see the ungraded lucky stadiums at the bottom of that page I was selling for 250.00 to 500.00 for just one UNGRADED lol. Just the lucky stadiums bought me two homes lol.

How much were you paying for them at the time?

I was getting 10 to 20 at a time from a Japanese partner for no more than 50 bucks each. They were supposed to be extremely rare which we found out later wasn’t true. I remember selling graded sets but don’t recall for how much.

Man, that’s some crazy profit margin. I wish selling was that good nowadays!

This should be the slogan for Japanese Promo’s in the 90’s. :blush:


i remember yahoo auctions that was like the 1st place i looked when i was a kid looking at the rare pokemon cards lol before going to ebay i always wondered what happened to them