JR Rally Jumbo Set

What’s a good price to pay for the 3-card JR Rally Jumbo set?

It’s these 3 cards:

SPOILER: Click to show

Very difficult set to find even though it came out less than 2 yrs ago. I think the set Steve Mason has tried to sell on Ebay at $380 is too high. I’d say fair value is somewhere between $250 to $300…so anything lower would be a good purchase. You may be able to get the 3 cards that are currently for sale individually on YJ for less than $250 total. I picked up a set on YJ about a year ago for less than the 3 individual cards are going for now… I threw out a 4100 yen bid on the Reshiram and the Zekrom to see if I could complete a second set(already have a 2nd Victini). Interest in the cards seems to be greater than a year ago since someone outbid me fairly quickly… If you’re interested in the cards, I won’t increase my bid since it’s not a have to have for me.