JR Jumbos


Are they really worth that much?

from what a seller told me on ebay it was just mainly much going to the stations to get those stamps the pain in the butt part since you had to travel to like 4 or more different stations.but it was also ran for a certain amount of time also

A few days ago the 3 jumbos sold for 10K Yen.

JR 2011 jumbos are unnumbered. But there are also JR 2011 078–080/BW-P numbered promos. About a month ago they went for 30K (sorry no picture).

With jumbos being awarded for successfully completing stations, how were 078–080/BW-P circulated? Even more stations or other distribution mechanism?

Thanks. Nice story. They should have printed the JR logo on the cards, bottom right, as they did for the jumbos.