Illustration Set Zorua/Zoroark

Not sure if you would like this posted here or in the price guide discussion…but I Just found a Zorua/Zoroark illustation set on ebay. The price is for 2k but if the seller was willing to negotiate, someone could probably pick this up at a decent price.

Its me selling it the minimum i want is £850 plus delivery.

Haha small world. Thats not a bad price at all. I certainly hope you get it!

Hope so

I’ll move it so that you get more views (from all the Guests who don’t join proper)


More views more chances

Is anyone interested in buying the set from here?

Send me a pm and we might be able to work something out id take payment plan if you can pay under 2 months.

It is a little too high for me. I will wait for them to pop on YJ! for half that price, actually until it ends in the high hundreds.

But just like with the masaki’s, patience might lead to an eventual buy in the future.

It’s not that high… I actually think its quite a deal for someone in Europe (we’re used to crappy customs fees remember).

For people who can wait though its probably worth checking out Y!J in the hope more turn up. Even on Y!J though after fees you’re looking at more than $1,000 surely :thinking:

Yahoo Japan fees :angry: :slightly_frowning_face: I remember seeing that same seller re-list those arcues/pichu illustrator sets down to 60,000 yen. If I see a set around that range I will grab it and then let the fee’s own my life :confused:


My number one rule is no regrets. Plenty times I’ve seen cards go more cheaply after I’ve saved up, but I’ve also got some great bargains along the way.

You win some, you lose some, such is life.

Of course if I see more Pichu/Pikachu sets for cheap I’ll make it my life mission to get them all and sell for huge profit, mwahahahahaha :stuck_out_tongue:

Patience might pay off with waiting for something on YJ but you might still be paying around the same price the exchange rate is dropping virtually everyweek for the past 3-4 weeks by understanding i buy my online codes from japan every month but i paid extra £20-30 for the last 2 months which is alot for the codes.

Nah I won’t. Also if I am going to drop over a thousand it is going to be on a trophy card. I just have more than enough patience to wait, thats why my collection is the way it is.

Also a realistic element is that most of the pokemon collecting community do not have big wallets. It is difficult to make the more expensive sales because of that reason.

That is true it is harder to make these sales .

Iv got that germany collector from ebay whos been buying expensive cards intrested in these so i might have sale. I sold him my lottery legenday beast to him for $500 and lugia and ho oh lottery for 450 last month so he says he will contact me some time next month

Ah I think I know who you are talking about :blush: He comes in and pays top dollar every once in awhile!

His the one

I wish i knew what job he had.

I think I may Know him too. If we are thinking of the same person then he also scooped up that 1998 No.2 Pikachu.

Its probably someone who has a lack of patience :wink:

I’m like that too. That’s why if I buy something, I either just go for the first thing no matter the cost, or I wait it out for ages getting the best deal. But either way, no regrets :blush:

Yes that is the guy!

OMG who is this mystery guy? I really want to know now!