Group Buy interest for 2010 Illustrator cards?

Okay so I have a group auction going for these cards on pkmncollectors here:

Let me know if you want to claim a card and I’ll mark it as such!

I’ve honestly never seen one, so if someone wants to do a group buy that way then by all means, link me.

Also, someone else would need to do the purchase. I don’t touch Yahoo!Japan with a 50 billion foot poll (although I imagine a US buyer would be best since most peeps here are probably from there )

Here’s one auction going on right now -

Okay, cool…

Group auction time!

Hey skinst

I’ll bid on the top right one in the picture, is that cool? I like the artwork :stuck_out_tongue:

the one of Zoura in a bus? Sure :blush:

Nope! haha, the one with Ho-Oh, I like it!

Ooh alright :blush: Did you want to just put a claim down for a certain amount? That way you don’t have to bidwar with others.

Um how about $75? I’m not sure how this all works! I’ll check that website you posted and if I get outbid I can raise it perhaps? lmk

Will do, thanks :blush:

There is way more than 10 of each of card lol…

I’m just going by the Bulbapedia article *shrug* If you have any sources that say the actual amount, by all means share with the class :stuck_out_tongue:

Well it’s hard to say the exact amount but there are 4 people on here who have a set. 1 person on YouTube. 3 sets on eBay. 1 set on yahoo Japan. This would mean 1 set left in the world if there was just 10. I believe the set was selling for over $1500 at first because of the 10 set rumor but the last few that sold have been way lower.

I’m honestly curious as to how many there are too, if that is indeed the case. :x

Sorry I should have been clearer! There’s two with Ho oh :stuck_out_tongue:. I want “5. Zoroark” based on your list. Thanks :blush:

Ah right! Fixed it up for you :blush:


Congrats :blush:
I’m PMing you as we speak!

Thanks T_T And I’m so glad; all of the cards but the one you’re interested in have all been claimed. Bit of a financial weight off my back, ehehe.