COROCORO bulk buy

I wasn’t entirely sure where to put this btw.

Basically i found this auction and was wondering if there was a few other people looking for japanese corocoro ?

If you look at it there are a large range of duplicates, so is there maybe 2/3 people who would be interested in buying some together?

Take a look and let me know :blush:

I’ll split the price! (Does that mean we split the cards?)
Like if I pay for a third, do I get a third of the cards

Cool, well frosty we’ll see what happens but if there are some free sure.

pokemonTrader, pretty much yeah, there is two cards where there is only two and only one surfing pikachu so that would have to be discussed but the rest there is a min of three copies so should be fine.

I’m interested in splitting price/cards. :blush:

I am intrested in a few of those cards as well :wink: …but the price needs to be right!

I could take a few cards too if there’s any left.

I’d be in for 1 Lilipad Mew and 1 Ivy Pikachu. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not interested or anything…

But can I just say that this would be a DISASTER of a group buy. Just forewarning.

One person would have to buy the lot from themselves, and sell cards off to various members because these cards aren’t all worth the same amount. It’s not like you can just randomly split the cards into 4 even lots etc.

That is a fair point actually, when i listed it it was mainly because there was way too many for what i wanted so thought i may as well share them a bit.

It has a few days left so there’s no major rush to decide, but does someone want to bid on our behalf? If no one does i can and will just list what i don’t need some when.

You could make a checklist of the cards you want to sell or would be willing to, not sure if it’s against forum rules however so it would be best to check first, might turn into a bit of a mess TBH. Only cards I’m interested are 2 from that lot however.

The condition could really be awful on these. They don’t look protected, they look curved/bent, and the seller lists them as used. All warning signs. Plus, the 4 he’s shortest on had the same population as the rest…which usually means cherry picked…

I say, why not charge the same price per card?
That would get people interested in claiming?

If I claimed one, mkpokecc claimed 2, and maggara claimed 7, and there were 10 left over…

Our prices would be…

1/10, 1/5 and 7/10 of the price respectively.
Since 10/20 of the cards weren’t claimed.
That would get people wanting to claim things.
all the ones that aren’t claimed, the host or whatever can keep since they are doing shipping… but the prices will get lower the more things are claimed.

I hope I’m making sense.

I have to agree with cbd1235 and Collector1243.

Someone has to buy the lot for themselves. Then take whatever they want and sell the rest with a price they want to sell them for. If the prices are reasonable, the cards will sell easily.

See but then it isn’t a group buy.

I hesitated to say anything before to try and remain optimistic but this one will be a bit more difficult. The mcdonalds pack group by went well. They were all of the same value so it was much easier.

Honestly I would just be patient and snipe these cards off ebay. Most of the coro coro promos are always cycling on ebay with the exception of imakuni and a few others.