AnonSpaz's Collection

How does UPCCC feel about this massive pick up i made for my collection.


Complete or Near complete (within 5 cards)
2 of the vending sets
Few neo Sets
Intro set
Neo intro Set
Southern Island

-Masaki all 5 (need 2 cards now for 3 sets, including a sealed set)
-Lots of Corocoro Jumbos
-most if not all of corocoro promos
-ANA Legendary birds
-Quick starter Holos ( Zapdos, Articuno, Moltress and Scyther) (hoping the whole set is in there i can see all the cards but not sure if glossy or not)
-All gameboy promos (Lugia, Dragonite, GR Metwo, Venusuar, Drk Vns, Drk Ivs, meowth & Drk Fearow) (please let me knwo if I’ve missed any)
-Shinign Mew Corocoro
-Lillypad mew
-Trade Please/CD Promo Charizard, Blastoise
-Slowpoke gaming mat Promo
-Vending sheet 00 peeled
-Original jigglypuff promo (Easily Understand How to Play Pokémon Card) (Pikachu i think is in there aswell)
-World hobby Fair 2000 (Neo Starters)

Sealed ANA cards from flight.
Unpeeled sheet 00 vending
heaps of sealed “How I Became a Pokémon Card” books (been looking for a while to try get these)
some Tropical Island stuff

I absolutely love all the sealed stuff i try to collect a copy of everything that can was sealed as well as a loose copy.

From what i got from translate most cards are in beautiful condition but there are some like Celebi and Charizard which arn’t in so good condition.

I’m real happy as i was about to drop about $300 on a complete Masaki set this seems like a good deal tell me your thoughts.

I wil post pictures of my actual collection soon and again once these arrive.

This lot for 300.00 is very good. Nice group:)

Ahh i wish it was $300 it was $500 but even then I have a feeling it could pay for itself by selling a few sets and promos on there own and some extra sealed stuff.

Which Corocoro jumbos did you get?

I just bought the lot form y!JP but if you look at the first picture you can see them next to the Snorlax Pokedex cardboard holder.

I’ll update a list of all that’s in the box when it comes.

Nice buy! I was looking at that but the price was a tad high for my liking. I was waiting for it to come down a bit.

Good one :blush: