linkdu83's collection (02/23/18: New poster!)


I’m a french collector (this explains my poor english) who started his collection nearly 2 years ago (when I rediscovered cards of my chilhood) :blush:

I’m collecting only WOTC cards and japanese Promo cards (as I’m French I have a lot of french cards …).

I will update this thread each time I will get new interesting stuff :blush:


Today, I have received some interesting stuff in my mailbox … :blush:

Lot 1 :

I have purchased this huge lot on YJA, and almost all cards are MINT !

Lot 2 :

Topsun error cards NM with no number :blush:

Lot 3 :

6 jumbo cards MINT with a lot of beautiful unseen artworks (I will make scans later) !
There are stickers on the cards, and behind the stickers there are amazing artwork again :blush:

Some random stuff :


Oh my goodness! What a great lot from Y!J


Very decent stuff - I like the Trainer Magazine Dratini/Dragonair/Dragonite in particular, although I’m not too much into newer era cards those are awesome! I might buy a set of those for myself

some very nice additions, keep it up :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Those look awesome

all the cards from the top, I really like, you reminded me I have alot of Japanese cards to shift/sell :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks !

I also like the T promo cards, they are beautiful.

@bagoly14 : so it was you !

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I’ve never actually seen that many T promos assembled in one pic before! they look awesome together! The festa pikachu is sweet too, cant wait to get mine in the mail :blush: :blush:

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Yeah, I was affraid to purchase cards in poor condition, but the cards looked fine on pictures of the ad.
(I have already had a bad experience with some promo cards on YJA …)

The cards aren’t all totaly mint, but those which aren’t mint have just very small defects (which make them not mint).

I think that just with Vending Machine cards (there are approximatively 200 cards), I may almost repay the lot :blush:

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pizza french fries lolol

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I stole that from @smpratte hahaha

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I have finally taken the time to take some pictures of my collection !
(obviously, I can’t show you in detail my entire collection, but it’s a good overview)

Here is an overview of what I accumulated in 2 years (without doubles) :

Two binders containing my main collection, almost all cards from base set to neo destiny:

Some binders with a lot of sets: base set 2, legendary collection reverse, bandai cardass, topsun blue back, skyridge reverse, among other :

Large numbers of random promo stuff :

Large numbers of miscellaneous cards (japanese promo, black star promo, vending machine, aquapolis, VS, trainers, …) :

One of my next goals is to buy ultra pro collectors albums to better showcase my collection !


6th photo = good sealed packs :wink:

Your Canon PowerShot S60 shots good photos, I’ve bought one Nikon D5200 I hope I can learn well to use it.

really nice collection

Thanks :blush:

@pokémon Center Italy : The Canon PowerShot S60 is my parents’ camera, it’s an old camera, at least 10 years !
I find that pictures are poor quality …

But, how do you know it’s a Canon PowerShot S60 ?!

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from the metadata/exif of the image.

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I love the RH Skyridge set. I can’t wait until I finally complete my own :blush:


My beautiful new cards in mint condition (in their original sleeves) !

Can someone tell me history about these cards ?