Pokémon Center Italy Collection

Hi everyone!
I would to share with all my collection of PTCG, all the image/scan are mine and not taken from the web. So enjoy my collection and share the link with other people that love Pokémon cards.
First of all I’m a private collector and I have only Mint/Gem Mint cards in my collection, all cards are unique and I do not have multiple copy (so do not write me if I’m interested to sell one item).
Usually I sell some item on eBay but international shipping are hight but if you are a serious collector this is not a big problem :wink:.
My collection is not very big but I’m very proud of what I have.

For now I’ve uploaded only some scans of booster pack sealed, next time I upload some PSA graded cards and other cool stuff.

If you are interested to see my collection follow this link: Pokémon Center ItalyI will update this post when I add some item to my gallery.

Really love all the Boosters from every language.
I’m also trying to collect all the sealed Boosters in every language possible.

How do you store them? I haven’t find a nice way to store my Boosters.

Hi, thanks for your interest. I use a simple glass frame. The front glass take the booster down and without bend. I bought a model that has a coating of cardboard so that the frames do not get damaged by putting one above the other. Look at the picture to get an idea.

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That’s a great collection of base set boosters, it would probably look cool to see them all together on display.

Also, I didn’t realize how much better the Japanese booster art was. It doesn’t seem very fair to the rest of the world >=[

I loved looking through your flickr! You have an amazing booster collection, and the scans are phenomenal. We don’t get to see those types of collections often :blush: I also see some things you bought from me :wink: :blush:

Looking forward to seeing the collection grow

Added 30 PSA cards to my collection → PSA Cards

Love it, especially the chinese and the korean charizard. I need to find a cheap way to submit cards from europe too:/

Awesome! You have a handful of real gems in there.

Today I’ve received some awesome Pokémon set directly from Japan (Bought on Y!J)
The pictures are not very good but you can distinguish objects :stuck_out_tongue:
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I’m glad the Mew Lucario Gift Box went to a collector on here!

Added 3 Japanese booster packs: EX Sandstorm Japanese , EX Team Magma vs Team Aqua Japanese , EX Hidden Legends Japanese


Ah so you’re the one who cleared out the seller of the Magma packs! I was having computer issues otherwise I would have purchased a couple for myself about a month ago. :slightly_frowning_face:

The ADV packs are just so amazing!

Yes, I need it for my collection :wink:

Added Kyogre Ex 011/ADV-P and Groudon Ex 012/ADV-P Japanese Promo
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I had no idea those packs looked so amazing!

added the Battle e 2 Japanese Ruby and Sapphire Booster pack to the Battle e collection set Battle e 2 Ruby and Sapphire

Added the “Tsuruno Takeshi started playing pokémon card game” set with the possibility to download the pdf file created by myself :wink:

Download/View “Tsuruno Takeshi started playing pokémon card game”

I guess you’re probably going to be purchasing the rest of the packs that are for sale at the moment on YJ then right? I managed to complete my collection that way yesterday. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like the e-reader packs. I have the one with Charizard on it but seeing that pack along with the other e-packs look real cool!

Already done! I already bought the packages that I missed.

darn it was you who bought all those packs i new i should have just bought the all for $10 each, rather than bid lol, you adv 1 pack will be shipped tomorrow