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Hey guys, I am finally doing what should of been done a long time ago, scanning my collection :open_mouth: ;D I have a massive amount of cards to get up but here is the link to the site, which will be updated constantly.

Right now I have my rarer/rarest cards posted. I will be scanning the first 150 and putting those up next and hopefully doing the rest after.

Anyway, You will want to bookmark this albumn ;D ;D Enjoy! :blush:


I am just…

what an AMAZING collection! I know what you have but seeing it all on one page like that was brilliant.

You know I’m stealing these scans for the catalogues, right?

hahaha well you can ask :blush: but I was planning on putting them in. Does it let you copy them from the site? I had my other album set so people couldnt (mainly crazypokemon).

No, the catalogues are secured precisely for that reason :stuck_out_tongue:

all im gonna say is OMG at those trophy cards and those Sample cards.

Scott, your collection is pure amazing :blush:
And a big hello to my (ex) TMB Zapdos and Moltres, you are in good hands now and can have fun with all the other super rare cards :grin:

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hahaha yeah they are definitely being appreciated!I was glad that psa graded them, I am still trying to track down the articuno!

Hey guys, I just put up a lot of new scans. I added my victory mew and pika ring along with pokemon #1-104, and the very rare teach cards that you may have never seen before:) enjoy!

You got the teach cards!

Damn, I knew I should’ve bought those when I saw them on eBay :stuck_out_tongue: But I agree with, glad they’re with someone who genuinely cares about the cards.

You never did say whether I could use your scans in the catalogues… pretty please :grin: (they definitely will be secured - you would need a password to extract out the images)

Thanks Claire! It has taken me a long time, a lot of money and a lot a lot a lot of constant work to track down most of those cards, but it is definitely worth the struggle.

And dogma of course you can use the cards, let me know which section you are doing and I can send them to you. I have them so people can not save them along with a watermark because I have some guys from bulbapedia who always bug me for scans of my cards that they want to use to improve their status, along with others who want them to sell scans (which i was not aware happened).

Anyway just let me know which ones or what sectino you are working on and I can send them to you!

:thinking: I need to speak to everyone regarding Bulbapedia (seperately) if that is the case

Thanks so much for your permission (I’m so excited I get HQ scans of your ultra-rare cards, I’m so lame :stuck_out_tongue:). I’ll let everyone get back to being jealous about your cards, and discuss the catalogue crap elsewhere :grin:

If only Will was still around :slightly_frowning_face:

The teach cards are cards that were made to teach kids in japan how to play the game. Pokepop told me they were staff cards and was not sure how many exist in total, but they are definitely a part of pokemon history.

And yes dogma it is sad. I have had a couple guys contact me through ebay about paying for scans of finalist tropical wind and the rarer japanese promos.

Anyway I just uploaded the rest of the first 151 pokemon, enjoy :blush:

I have to say that your collection is just astounding! You really ought to make a youtube video of collection and let people know a little bit about how you came to obtain them, now that would be something. Also, you don’t happen to be the BrainJapan ebay seller do you, as I noticed you have many of those top cards he has been selling in the last few months.

How many teach cards are there in total?

haha yeah me and brian are not the same, we haven’t fused together, yet, sorry I’ve been watching the dbz cell and majin buu sagas :blush: I actually know him pretty well he has been selling cards for a very long time.

And I am not sure how many teach cards there are. I read the guys description in french and he said this set was given out to staff, but that does not mean they are the only ones. I do not have much information on them, that time was the only time I have seen them for sale or anywhere really.

nice and i was wondering how much ur psa graded misterious pearl is worth?

One has not yet been sold, but it should bring in more than one ungraded especially since it is the highest grade possible.

ok nice :blush: and i would aprechiate it is u would read my thred

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mews :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

you have those p5 ones make me cry.