A recent addition (and some not so much)

Hi all

It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have a rather special card. Before you get excited, it’s not like a No. 1 Trainer or anything but I believe it is my most valuable card. I actually bought it three weeks ago but decided to spend a few hours going through my entire collection to work out what I actually have and don’t have (it was very messy until I went through it).

Anyhoo, my entire collection (the thing I’m bragging about is in red :stuck_out_tongue:):

’Trophy’ cards
I put trophy in italics because I don’t have any of the real ultra-rare cards :wink:

  • Mysterious Pearl
  • Victory Ring (2003)

’Rare’ cards
Cards which I wish I can pretend are trophy cards but I still think are pretty cool regardless :wink:

  • Fanclub Eevee
  • Fanclub Porygon
  • Pokémon Pal City Chubu conference (Magikarp and Hitmonchan)
  • Pokémon Pal City Kanto conference (Pichu and Pikachu)
  • Lucky Stadium (from the 8 regional tournaments - Kyushu (Onix), Kanto (Luiga), Kyoto (Ho-oh), Shikoku (Gyrados), Shizokuka (Zapdos), Morioka (Diglett), Shinetsu (Mew), Hokkaido (Pikachu)

Victory Medals

  • Victory Medal Gym Challenge Spring 2006 (Silver, Pikachu)
  • Victory Medal Gym Challenge Spring 2007 (Gold, Pikachu)
  • Victory Medal Pokémon Plaza Challenge Card Get Battle - 031/DPt-P (Silver, Giratina)
  • Victory Medal Pokémon Battle Tour 2009: Knockout Battle - 036/DPt-P (Silver, Arceus)
  • Victory Medal Pokémon Battle Tour 2009: Knockout Battle - 051/DPt-P(Gold, Arceus)
  • Victory Medal Pokémon Battle Tour 2009: Knockout Battle - 027/L-P(Gold, Typhlosion) Also have the participation prizes, 025/L-P (Hoothoot) and 026/L-P (Noctowl)
  • Victory Medal Gym Challenge winner’s prize (3rd place) - 031/L-P (Bronze, Pikachu)
  • Victory Medal Gym Challenge winner’s prize (2nd place) - 032/L-P (Silver, Pikachu)
  • Victory Medal Gym Challenge winner’s prize (1st place) - 033/L-P (Gold, Pikachu)

Full sets

  • ‘Vending’ cards [size=1*](or to give them their proper name, Pokémon Card Game: Expansion Sheets)*

[/size]. Series 1 - Blue sheet, Series 2 - Red sheet, Series 3 - Green sheet Complete and unpeeled
[/li][li]Pokémon VS Complete and including Team Rocket’s Tyrannitar, 142/141
[/li][li]Bulbasaur and Squritle decks (Video intro sets)
[/li][li]Chikorita and Totodile decks (Neo intro sets)
[/li][li]McDonald’s Pokémon-e Minimum Pack (2002, 18 card set)
[/li][li]PokéPark Forest binder
[/li][li]Pikachu World Collection binder (Pokémon 2000) the original multilingual set [/li][li]Pikachu World binder (2010, blue version)

Trainer magazine promos
Complete set, 001/T to 024/T

Movie promos

  • 001/P (Kecleon) (for the 4th Movie Release)
  • 5th Movie half-deck Latios and Latias (for the Japanese screening of ‘Pokémon Heroes’)
  • 6th Movie half-deck Jirachi (for the Japanese screening of ‘Jirachi: Wish Maker’)
  • 7th Movie half-deck Deoxys (for the Japanese screening of ‘Destiny Deoxys’)
  • 8th Movie half-deck Lucario and Mew (for the Japanese screening of ‘Lucario and the Mystery of Mew’)
  • 9th Movie half-deck Manaphy (for the Japanese screening of ‘Pokémon Ranger and the Temple of the Sea’)
  • 10th Movie Commemoration set
  • 11th Movie Commemoration set (or, its proper name, Pokémon Movie: Premium Cards Collection 2008)
  • 12th Movie Commemoration Random Pack Complete set, including 043/DPt-P (Ash’s Pikachu Lv. X M) and 044/DPt-P (Michina Temple)

Cards within other PCL products

  • Master kit half-decks (Master kit CD, 2005) All sets, and with the original CD and rules booklet
  • Melee! Pokémon Scramble The Japanese version, with the board etc.
  • 2008 DPt Gift Box
  • Southern Islands in English, with the binder and postcards
  • Lucario ex (006/015 from the Mew Gift box)

Jumbo cards

  • Pikachu, Jigglypuff and Clefairy CoroCoro Magazine (July 1997)
  • Zapdos, Articuno and Moltres CoroCoro Magazine (October 1997)
  • Mewtwo’s Strikes Back CoroCoro Magazine (May 1998)
  • Pikachu’s Summer Holiday CoroCoro Magazine (June 1998)
  • Lawrence III CoroCoro Magazine (August 1999)
  • Pokémon Valley CoroCoro Magazine Special Edition (August 1999)
  • Shadow Lugia Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness campaign

Individual promos

  • Imakuni’s Doduo and _____'s Chansey Gym Challenge Japanese exclusives
  • 004/P (Pikachu) and 005/P (Larvitar) All Nippon Airlines 2001
  • 005/P (Celebi) and 007/P (Bill) (Trainer Magazine #13)
  • 018/P Shining Imakuni? Pokémon Fan Club Opening
  • 021/P to 025/P McDonald’s Promotional set 2002
  • 038/P to 041/P Pokémon Festa 2002
  • Touch Generation Turn! (027/P and the 1998 Kangaskhan Parent/Child Mega Battle versions), 130/PCG-P Touch Exchange! (Battle Road Spring 2006)
  • Please Trade (‘Please Trade’ Campaign (February 1998))
  • 024/PCG-P (Pokémon Card Laboratory)
  • 007/PLAY (Mew Ex), 012/PLAY (____'s Celebi), 014/PLAY (____'s Jirachi), 019/PLAY (____'s Kyogre), 021/PLAY (____'s Rayquaza)
  • Ancient Mew
  • Birthday Pikachu
  • Great Rocket’s Mewtwo
  • Unown R
  • 015/DPt-P (Lucario, Pokémon Sunday campaign)
  • 036/DPt-P (Porygon Z G Advent of Arceus Gym Challenge)
  • Alakazam and Omastar (Masaki promos)
  • e-Card intro random deck not individual cards and still sealed but still…

Visual guides, catalogues etc.
Official books which have pictures of all cards. My dream would be a book with every single card ever made with glorious full cardscans. I can dream… :sunglasses:

  • ‘Pokémon Trading Card Game guide 2000’ (ISBN 4840100020)

  • ‘Official Visual Book DP’ Vol 1 (DP1) (ISBN 484011739X)

  • ‘Official Visual Book DP’ Vol 2 (DP2 and DP3) (ISBN 4840118873)

  • ‘Official Visual Book DP’ Vol 3 (DP4) (ISBN 4840120685)

  • ‘Official Visual Book DP’ Vol 4 (DP5) (ISBN 4840121644)

  • ‘Official Visual Book DP’ Vol 5 (Intense Fight in the Destroyed Sky) (ISBN 4840123884)

  • ‘Official Visual Book DPt’ (Pt1) (ISBN 4840124508)

  • ‘Official 2009 Pokémon Trading Card Game Rule book’ (ISBN 4048677899)

  • ‘Official 2010 Pokémon Trading Card Game Rule book’ (ISBN 4048683517)

  • ‘Pokémon Trading Card Game Player’s Guide’, Brain Brokaw & J. Douglas Arnold English (ISBN 1884364500)

  • ‘Pokémon Trading Card Game: Fossil Expansion Player’s Guide’, Brain Brokaw & J. Douglas Arnold English (ISBN 188436439X)

  • ‘Official Pokémon Trading Card Game Player’s Guide: Platimum & Platinum: Rising Rivals’ English (ISBN 1604380859)

Pokémon Magazines
Official magazines from Fanclubs, etc., which typically included cards

  • Asobikata Version 2 (November 1998). Includes Diglett and Dugtrio cards
  • Volume 5 of Pokémon Card Fan Club magazine (1998). Includes a Tag Team! card]
  • Trainer Magazine # 3 (1999). Includes an Exeggutor card, the bilingual one
  • Trainer Magazine # 8 (2000). Includes an Unown Jcard, an a special insert for a catalogue of the Neo 2 set

The Pal Cities I got cheap - £15 for one and £10 for the other (people weren’t bidding on them so I swept them right up). Haven’t found any since though, which is annoying

The Pearl I saw on Brian’s eBay page, offered loads less and randomly he accepted! I buy an awful lot from him so he’s cool about it.

That list had taken me hours and I can already see a ton of spelling mistakes in it. (I’m anal like that :sob:) I’ll tidy it up later

The pal city are essentially the new lucky stadium cards, which were given away at battle road in japan at different conferences.

Anyway I got some solid new additions,

2002 Battle road no 1 trainer
2002 Battle road no 2 trainer
2002 Battle road no 3 trainer

2004 tropical wind staff stmaped along with every tropical wind from each year staff stamped (which i am trying to get rid of)

1st edition red check e3 pikachu sealed

Complete 1st edition base set with charizard :blush: please believe it is about to get graded!

LOL, Scott you had to one-up my ones! Great cards, really great cards. Are you going to look for the Top 4 Trainers card too? Make a seperate thread for them!

Reina, just for you:

Mysterious Pearl


Pal City cards



(I like that I have an excuse for pics now!)

Yep, seven Pal City cards. There are twelve Lucky Stadiums aren’t there?

  • 8 regional tournaments
  • the Neo intro set version
  • the bilingual one (this one is ultra-rare)
  • the one in Neo 4 (our Neo Destiny) set
  • WotC promo

(I was right: bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Lucky_Stadium_(Neo_Destiny_100) !)

DJ, I only have two Pal City’s. I need the rest too! I think one of the reasons they are hard to find is because I don’t think ‘Pal City’ is the universal name for them, making it way hard to search for them on eBay. I’m having this trouble with the Masaki promos. I’m sure they are out there ready to be bought, but just can’t find any (at a non-stupid price)!

If I see some, I guess I will have to let you know now that you’ve asked, I guess our bidding wars will make some dealer happy :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh and Scott - you don’t have to make a new thread if you don’t want to, but cards of your calibre deserve their own thread :wink:

Sorry dogma :slightly_frowning_face: I thought i am so used to the thread on the gym and just posting updates.

and dj there is only a red cheek sorry, i was thinking 1st edition because i was going to type that right after.

my whole post was just an official mistake haha

Yeah, Scott, I really don’t mind! I was only saying that your cards deserve their own thread because of how special they are.

And poor Reina :slightly_frowning_face: that is not great. That 1st edition Charizard is the bane of my existence. Yes I have one (I didn’t bother with the English sets in my ‘collection’ as I don’t tend to count the non-Japanese cards) but I really don’t get the hype over it.

The value of that card was entirely fuelled by hype, which is what led to the ‘fad-era’ of Pokémon history, at least in the UK. Not fun times…

It’s probably because there’s loads of them lying around, but they’re all in the hands of these one-time Pokémon fans who are now wanting to make a quick buck.

It had died down when Pokémon was just starting the EX series here (and people left the game in droves), but with the increasing popularity… it all seems to be getting worse and worse

wow those are alot of nice promo’s lol.my collection just builds often right now i have

complete VS series
near complete Neo 3 including shining magikarp and gyarados
near complete E-card 2 set
video intro starter set
japanese error ancient mew

Look what I have:

There’s another four of those but you get the idea. They came in the best envelope ever:

But that’s not all! I also have:

Cheer’s Scott! Here’s one I’m kinda ashamed I only just got round to:

But there’s more!

(People who paid attention to the mega card stock thread might’ve inferred that I’ve had it for a while)

Finally, I’ve also got the Neo 3 binder from shpunto, but it’s upstairs and I can’t be arsed going up to grab a photo. It’s still very much loved however!

No ultra-cool trophies but a nice set of cards to pick up at the end of 2010, no?

Nice!!! I am glad it got there! And you don’t have to be ashamed of getting the grand party late. A little secret, I still don’t have the original birthday pikachu, so don’t worry :blush:


Why not?

I guess I never got around to buying it. I have a sealed one awhile back but sold it because I thought it was the natta wake version and I couldn’t return it, I should of kept it but I will get around to it :blush:

nice dogma how much did the Masaki set set you back with those envelopes?still i need to get that grand party card lol so i feel left out.for me i just completed vending series 1 and 3 peeled and unpeeled and need to get around for 2


The Masaki set cost me £150 with the envelopes and inserts. I reckon that’s around the upper price point for them (i.e. pay much more and its probably not worth that much) but I love them.

I was just thinking that I should get Vending series 3 unpeeled (I have them unpeeled but you aren’t guaranteed the whole set in the third series).

I really have to start getting the old Coro Coro promos :confused: Bah, there are so many cards out there, even without the trophies!

yea your not which i hated i peeled my vending series 3 and i was missing just 1 extra card but lucky i found someone who had it and traded for it.i’m just glad for vending series 3 i didnt have to pay alot for the 18 sheets lol.good luck with old Coro Coro promos too many to even think of.

Hey legendslugia251, you don’t happen to know which cards came on which sheet? I peeled an entire series 3 also and the only card i was missing was the ooyama’s pikachu. However, I bought a lot of 100 sheets and all the #2 sheets had the extra rule card already peeled and not included in the set, so my guess is that whoever owned them before me knew which cards came on which sheet and took all ooyama’s pikachu from sheet #2. Let me know if you recall which cards came on which sheets.

the extra cards i got the ooyama’s pikachu in sheet 2 but thing is i was missing the bills pc card.but another person i know brought a whole set of sheets he pulled a whole set of the cards and got some doubles.i personally think the extra cards are always random not all the time are set like vending 1 and 2 are

The extra cards on sheet 3 are definitely random - no other cards are. There’s an old topic where I was getting horribly confused and viper.fox had to spell it out for me, I’ll see if I can dig it out after work

The story I heard from someone (don’t remember who) was that earlier prints of V3 had Bill’s PC, and eventually Bill’s PC was replaced with Imakuni?'s PC. Not sure if anyone can confirm this. Might be because the Masaki Evolution in promotion ended or something.

Also, dogma, do you care about conditions of cards, because I believe I have a complete unnumbered corocoro set from ivy pikachu to shining mew (no jumbos though), however I am pretty sure most of them are in used condition. I do have a few mint/unpeeled too.