Pokekuma's Japanese Cardboard Collection (Pal City Update!)

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:bear: pokekuma’s****japanese cardboard collection :bear:
I recently completed several collection goals so I thought it was the right time to finally post a collection thread. I’m not too active on the forums, but I’ve met some great people and I’m excited to display my growing collection. I primarily collect Japanese language cards with the ultimate goal being a binder full of my all time favourites. I think of each page (or set of pages) as a collection goal, and I plan on adding to this thread as I continue to fill pages and meet goals. These are all of my “completed” binder pages so far:


When I first got into the hobby, about a year and a half ago, I decided to start out by collecting one of every Ninetales card in Japanese and English. Ninetales isn’t my favourite pokemon, but I’ve always loved the design and lore associated with it — plus it’s been there since the beginning. However as my collection interests grew, and I got into collecting more and more cards, I decided to abandon my intial goal and instead decided to collect my favourites in Japanese. I recently managed to get a pretty mint copy of a no-rarity Ninetales, and finally managed to complete what I consider my very first goal.

Worlds Promos

This set of cards is what initially got me into collecting promo cards. I loved the fact that they were all drawn by the same artist (Sumiyoshi Kizuki until 2010, and Naoki Saito since then) and that they all feature Psyduck — one of my favourites — not to mention the history associated with the release and distribution. The set had everything I cared about, and can say is what drove me to be a “serious” collector. The 2004 card is my favourite of the set (I got into the games with gen 3) and is the first card I spent over a £100 for. I’m still looking for a stamped placement card, although the participation one (with the Worlds 04 stamp) will have to do for now. This page is technically complete because it is an ongoing series and I don’t intend on collecting each of the years, just my favourites.

My Favourite Cards of My Favourite Pokemon

I first got into the series because of Pokemon Sapphire version, and continued to play the games pretty actively through Platinum. No surprise that my favourite species, and TCG era, translates to that same time period. These are what I consider my favourite cards (not rarest aha) of my favourite pokemon.

XY5 Scrap Set

This set was distributed in-line with Pokemon ORAS in Japan, and came with a code for in-game items etc. Much like how you get code cards in English packs, each pack of XY5 had one so it was relatively difficult to get a full set. I don’t usually collect cards that aren’t a part of the TCG, but the artwork holds so much nostalgia for me — ORAS got me back into Pokemon in 2014. These are my favourites but I do also own a full set.

Japanese Promos (Trainers)
Japanese promos are what I would consider the main part of my collection. I love the history associated with each of the various releases, and the unique art that often accompanies them. Battle Road promos are especially notable because of how rare some of these cards are, and while sometimes the difference is as simple as the inclusion of a holo pattern, for me the history associated with it more than makes up for it (plus who doesn’t like the cosmos holo pattern?).

Lucky Stadium Promos

Keeping in line with Japanese promos, and trainer cards, these are some of the most underrated promos out there! They were only given out during one summer, and each district got a different artwork of the same card. The set also includes two cards in Japanese that aren’t pictured here, one from a deck and the other one being a TMB prize card.


I’m in the process of completing a binder page for each of my favourite artists. So far I’ve only managed to complete a few but I’m going to refocus and prioritise this goal over the next year. The plan is to also have a binder solely devoted to collecting work from these artists, so I’ll post the majority of that on a seperate thread as and when. For now, here are my favourite cards from my two favourite artists!

Sumiyoshi Kizuki

Tomokazu Komiya

Trophy Cards

This is an onging page, and is the only one that isn’t technically complete. To be fair, I don’t even know when orif I’ll even manage to complete it. I never intended on having exactly nine “grail” cards but it just so happened to work out. I’ve been extremely lucky to even get the opportunity to own some of the cards on this page already. Edit: I’ve decided to no longer keep these cards in the binder given their value, it was great while it lasted though :grin:

The 2005 Gold Victory Medal was my first chase card. It’s pops up so rarely, that for a while I didn’t even believe it existed. While I recognise that there are more accesible reprints of the artwork, the Victory Medals were the very first “prize cards” I got into and this being the rarest variant holds a special place for me. I can talk about the other two, but I’m aware how long this post already is so if anyone wants to know feel free to ask!

I’ll continue to add to this thread as I meet my various goals for now thanks for looking, I hope you like my collection! :grin:

Edit: I’ve made some changes to these pages since my last post, and so I’ve updated the images where appropriate!


Those are some sweetass cards my dude.
Your selection of Komiya cards is top-notch! Lucky Stadiums and Lenticular Deoxys also tickle my fancy a lot.
This is a fantastic collection so far and I’m excited for the updates to come!


Thanks very much! Updates are probably going to be quite infrequent ahah — you have a great collection thread as well by the way, love your taste in artists! :grin:


Very nice cards mate, i 100% need to work on the battle road promos…

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That nintales ex :sob:

Those Sumiyoshi Kizuki cards are so goooooood I love the Jirachi!

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I love it! So many great cards I really dig the worlds promos as the artwork is always so happy. And I‘ve been searching for that full silver dialga from that metal deck for a while now and none seem to pop up :grin:

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Love this a lot…I’ve always wanted to do something similar (favorite artist or favorite pokemon) binders but haven’t started yet!

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I just noticed those trainer promos with the old back and new back and them high fiving, So clever!
What are those called?


Absolutely in love with what you have in your collection. The variety and focus is put together really beautifully. Scrap cards are wicked underappreciated and it’s so rare to see anyone have more than just one or two. Ninetales has some of the most incredibly consistent artwork as well, so it’s nice to see someone show the pokemon some well deserved attention.

Looking forward to seeing more!


Thanks man, some really nice art, super affordable too. Excited to see you get more into it! :grin:

Early ex era cards in Japanese are significantly cheaper than their English counterparts for some reason — I got that Ninetales for like 400 yen and it’s pretty mint! And I really like those promos, such a nice way to celebrate changing the card layout, plus I love when cards are connected like that. They’re the [Touch Generation Change](Touch Generation Change! (New Garura Parent/Child promo) - Bulbapedia, the community-driven Pokémon encyclopedia promos, artwork by the ever consistent Komiya :blush:

They are! I love her work, especially her early stuff. I’m not too big of a fan of some of the modern cards she’s done though…

Thanks! I really like that about the Worlds promos as well! I especially like the continuity in the Tropical Wind set but it’s a shame that in the end Psyduck (in the 2009 card) was pushed off it’s hammock. I wonder if that’s what led to Psyduck exlporing the world in the rest of the series… :relieved:

Thank you! And I hope you manage to start putting one together, it’s so much fun :blush:

Thanks so much for the lovely words! I totally agree about the Scrap cards, they have such lovely art — in my research, I found that most of the art that’s featured is general promotional art and was also featured in an pre-order bonus art book about the game from 2014, here’s a link to the pages!


What an amazing collection! Correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t that Bebe’s Search consider a trophy card since it had to be won in the 2007 Battle Road Challenge?

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Great collection! I loved the Ninetales page :grin:

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It’s great seeing binder collections like these, congratulations on putting this together, I’m looking forward to seeing more. :blush:

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Thanks so much! It’s definitely a prize card, I believe it was given to winners of a side event (like the touch exchange cards etc). It’s more limited than most of the other cards distributed during similar events, however I don’t think there’s a specific distribution number associated with the release. All I can say is that from my experience it does seem to be quite rare/scarce!

Thank you! I really need to get started on putting together similar pages of my other favourite species!

Thanks very much! Hopefully updates aren’t too infrequent :relieved:

Love your no rarity Vulpix/Ninetales, and your lucky stadium set. I also love the inclusion of the Touch Generation Change! Underrated card, imo.

Thank you! I’m really glad the no rarity cards are finally getting their time in the spotlight, and aside from Charizard I feel like there’s still lots of room to grow for the set as a whole. I totally agree about the Touch Exchange cards, I love the history associated with them so much!

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These pages look awesome! Congrats on the goals!

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Hey there efour! It’s been a few months since I last updated this thread, but in the meantime I’ve managed to cross off a few more colleciton goals/complete a few more binder pages starting with:

Pal City

There’s a lot to like about the Pal City cards for me — the shared artwork (with the titular Pikachu tent and pokeball balloons in the background), the inclusion of pokemon that (mostly) reflected the various regions where the events were held, and the tie in to the battle road events where these cards were distributed to the participants. Checks all of the boxes, and thensome!

I’ve been chasing this set shortly after discovering them in late 2019, and although I spent much more than I should have on acquiring a complete set I’m glad to finally be able to have these amazing cards in my binder.

Full Art “UR” Stadiums

I find these stadium cards to be some of the most underated cards currently on the market! I don’t mean to say that these cards should be valued more, but rather that I don’t see many people talking about them. They’re great examples of 5ban Graphics’ work, especially considering the flac they often receive for producing “lifeless” CGI FA cards of Pokemon. Lots of nice little detail in there too!

Poncho Eevee Promos

I’m a sucker. Need I say more… (bonus Munch Eevee to round out the page!)


Admittedly I haven’t made a lot of progress on my subgoal of having a binder full of artists I enjoy, but I am getting closer to finishing off single binder pages for this particular thread/binder. This time I’d like to showcase my favourite cards from two modern artists, that I think rival sowsow’s ability to create endearing designs and detailed backgrounds — both artists use watercolours (afaik) but create a completely different aesthetic that I absolutely adore:



Misc. Japanese Trainer/Stadium promos

These are some of my absolute favourite Japanese trainer/stadium (and one supporter) promos distributed across the various eras — with my favourite being the 2016 Teammates Battle Festa card (bottom right). It was given out at a side event during the 20th Anniversary Battle Festa events, where participants were split between two age groups: those born before 1989, and those born after 1989. The group that collectively won the most games were awarded a copy of this card.

I love cards that play around with generational gaps, or have some form of fun twist to them (like the Touch Exchange/Generation Change cards) and find this card to be especially approriate because the name in Japanese is “Senpai/Kouhai” which is a way to address those senior and junior to you in age/profession. A great way to commemorate the history of these side events that have been happening since nearly the beginning of the TCG (Trophy Khan was awarded at such an event!). I’m hoping there’s something similar this year, but we’ll have to wait and see.

As always, thanks for taking a look! I’ve made some changes to the main body of this thread to account for some changes in my binder, but they’re all minor. If you’d like to chat about any of the cards listed here, or Japanese promos in general, feel free to DM here or on Instagram :grin:

Until next time~