Daelum's Collection

So I decided that I should make one these. It’s not like anyone’s gonna be all “Oh wow!” cause I don’t do big time Japanese cards and all that, but hey, maybe someone will enjoy my collection :blush:

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In the meanwhile, feel free to check out what I have scanned at:

My main goal right now is to complete the Gold Star set, and currently I am at a total of 14/27 and 3/3 for the WC’s. I do have more gold stars in my possession, but they are damaged so they aren’t in my collection.

I also have a lot of videos of my collection. You can find those on my Youtube channel MrDaelumTCG

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You don’t need to have expensive Japanese cards to have an awesome collection! I love the Gold Stars as they just look so gorgeous. Well done and it’s a lovely collection of them just now.

Amazing collection! Love the rayquaza gold star!

@frostyfluxy ~ They are gorgeous aren’t they. Thanks, and if things go right, it will only get more lovelier :stuck_out_tongue:

@haze ~ Thanks! I like it too! Now to only get a Mint one…

Nice collection! I will admit that I don’t know anything about Gold Stars but they certainly translated a lot of nice cards! Makes for a nice collection :blush:

Ooo, wonderful collection! :grin:

@daelum – I like your collection, thus far – it’s awesome!! I am looking forward to observing what your next acquisitions are :blush:

Thanks! Ugh don’t remind me… once I finish my English set, I have to go chase down the Japanese ones );

Oh, thanks guys (well, gals) it means a lot :blush:

Anyways, my most recent acquisition was this sweet lot of Promo cards :grin:

~I would have a picture but photobucket is being extremely retarded and doesn’t want to give me an image larger than 100x75. So, I’m just gonna link to the images.
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5]

383 total cards! Here’s the full list:
4x Pikachu #1
32x Mewtwo #3
7x Pikachu #4
9x Dragonite #5
15x Jigglypuff #7
3x Mew #8
1x Mewtwo #14
2x “Computer Error” #16
4x Team Rocket’s Meowth #18
2x Psyduck #20
1x Pikachu #27
1x Surfing Pikachu #28
2x Togepi #30
5x Cleffa #31
3x Smeargle #32
1x Scizor #33
1x Igglybuff #36
2x Hitmontop #37
1x Unown J #38
16x Misdreavus #39
8x Pokemon Tower #42
1x Magmar #44
7x Electabuzz #46
22x Articuno #48
1x Celebi #50
1x Ho-Oh #52
9x WINNER Rocket’s Scizor #4
13x BEST Rocket’s Scizor #4
17x WINNER Rocket’s Sneasel #5
19x BEST Rocket’s Sneasel #5
11x WINNER Dark Ivysaur #6
79x BEST Dark Ivysaur #6
4x WINNER Dark Venusaur #7
79x BEST Dark Venusaur #7

Some cards that arrived while I was on vacation.

My new pretties:

what’s the story with the hitmonchan? i’ve see them with the holo like that before, are they a promo?

The Hitmonchan is from the WoTC Promo series “BEST”. If you notice, where the set symbol should be for WoTC sets, there is a BEST symbol. You can read all about it here.

So, 5 out of the 9 cards in the set received this special reverse-holo, and I believe this holo is limited to the BEST series.

So I’ve recently become fascinated with jumbo/oversized cards and went on a shopping spree. Here are some of the cards I’ve gotten, but I still have more coming in and even more to buy :stuck_out_tongue:

I was too lazy to scan them all so I just stole some pictures from online for right now :confused:
I’ll replace them later.




I finally decided to sit down and take pictures of all my recent additions, so enjoy :blush:

McDonald’s Promos!!

Some Ultra Rares:

I must say, the Victini FA is a very beautiful card. The holo work on it is off Japanese quality.

Japanese Cards:

Play! Promos and my very first Japanese Gold Star :grin:

More Boxtoppers:

Thanks to PokemonTrader for the Crystal Ho-Oh :blush:

English Jumbos:

Thanks to PokemonTrader again, for the free Arceus :grin:
Also, all that extra stuff beneath the Victini is the stuff that came in the goodie bag at the movie theaters where you got the Victini!

Quick Question:
How should I store (protect) the Victini extra items?

Japanese Jumbos:

The Zoroark, Fukuoaka Oshowatt, and Tokyo Tower Pikachu are my first 3 purchases off of Yahoo! Japan :3

Another Quick Question:
How should I store (protect) the pack that the Zoroark came in?

Woo glad you enjoyed it!
What about all the other jumbos? XD

All my other Jumbos aren’t recent :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll get around to showcasing my already collected collection when I finish my site.

Here are my newest beauties!!

Sorry for the bad lighting and what not :stuck_out_tongue:

Cities Shinx and Pokemon Day 2009 Pikachu!

Complete Snowflake Set!!

Artsy Shot~

Another Artsy Shot :3

Although my Snowflake set is NM at best, I am still very happy with it. I do believe I am the first on the site to own a full set, if not, I am one of few :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyways, super happy :grin:

@daelum – Whoa, nice! I like your newest additions. Congratulations on completing the Snowflake Set :heart:

Nice set :blush: ps love the 2009 Pikachu! It has pretty sweet artwork.

I love the snowflake collection! It’s a great feeling to complete that set since there’s so few for trade.