Pokemoncollector7's Psa Collection. (#IStillBuyStuff)

I dont plan on posting all of my cards up, but i will post most of them eventually. Going to start out with my recent additions and go from there!

My most recent 2 are some lottery promos

And then these are 2 somewhat unique cards from my most recent psa return

from what i can tell, meijis arent all that popular. But i love the hell out of them.


That Gengar looks bad ass my friend! I just wondered why there is (OC) next to the mint 9?


OC - Off-Cut/Off-Centre

Milhouse has it right. Its really hard to tell unless you see it in person, but the top border of the card is basically nonexistent.

Mew is one of my favorite pokemon, so its only natural that i should collect mews. I like to think i have most of the bigger mews, except for 3 by my count, but i need to work on the cheaper mews like the english promos and the like.

English and japanese e series

Japanese full art and shiny collection full art

japanese fossil holo and english full art

and my english gold star and sunset mew.

Already posted my shining, and i believe i have a pop 4 one i forgot to take a picture of.


Beautiful collection with very nice grades. Good work! :blush:

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My Typhlosion! Take care of it!
Awesome cards here! I’d really love to get a PSA 10 Fossil Mew.

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Beautiful Mew!

I like the case btw. :blush:

^Thanks! it set me back a decent bit but its worth it.

Its in good hands. Get some japanese fossil packs, it really isnt hard to pull.

I actually did pull one out of the first pack I opened. I’ve had it ready to go off to PSA for awhile but never sent it. Still, I really like the card though!

Just some of my favorite full arts. Ive got something big coming either today or monday. and also a 28 card round on the way back from psa, my gaia volcano and tidal storm round of all of my ultra rares. or secret rares. whatever the japanese call them to confuse us.


Very nice PSA Grades :0

Dat Sunset Mew tho :heart_eyes:

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Just some of my favorite gold stars for today. Fun fact is that all of the unlimited suicunes were labeled as first edition for whatever reason.




I know. Almost cried when i got it. There are only a few cards i want more than i did that one. For now at least.

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Nice cards but that’s a nice case too. I just a second one. How do you like it?

Its really nice. Definitely pricey, but thats what you gotta pay for quality. Im about to need second one as soon as this round comes in.

Nice collection, that gengar is ace:-)

Long post this time. Hopefully i get something special today, and you guys will be the first to know. But for now, here is my complete unlimited english shining set. plus mew.

I actually got quite a few of these from hisoka via youtube a while back.


Got 2 packages today, first one was pretty good.

second one was meh, i guess this card is ok.

In all honesty its one of my favorite cards ever and im glad to finally own a 10.