*Update 21July2015* PSA Returns, Japanese Gold Stars!

Hi guys!

I’ve been meaning to upload some pictures to show you all some of my collection. I started with collecting Mew and Mewtwo cards (which is actually what pulled me back into collecting after finding some of my old cards in the attic after I stopped collecting in 2002), but now I collect any card with shiny Pokemon on it, and the PLAY promos. To start off, here is some of my small collection of sealed promo cards.

Anyone know what’s included in this pack? I know there are three cards in there, but unsure what the other two are.

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Darkrai 021/L-P Promo. There are 3 other cards in this pack. Do any of you know what the other three are? I assumed they might be Cressalia, Dark Energy and Physic Energy, but I really have no clue.

I’m going to make a photobucket account so I can share the rest and not have to upload pictures :blush:

Thanks for the info! When I initially got these, I wasn’t even aware they had multiple cards in them. I just assumed the Darkrai had the other cards I listed because I always see the 4 sold together in a lot when I do see them on sale

Here are some of my other sealed cards as promised. Sorry took a while to post, I ended up leaving the house to take the wife and dogs for an afternoon drive.


Mew EX is probably one my favorite Mew cards

The Jolteon isn’t sealed, but it is in mint condition. If anyone knows where I can find a sealed one, let me know :blush:

And finally, my prize card :blush:

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Very nice start for collection, congratz. Is the PLAY Espeon same copy that was recently sold at ebay? :blush:

Thanks! This is actually just a small part of my small collection. I actually have a bunch of gold stars and crystals as well, just thought I start with these. I initially went a little crazy when I first got back into collecting and bought a bunch of booster boxes from various different sets from the EX series to XY, but eventually sold/traded away much of that after I finally settled on what I wanted to focus on. As for Espeon, yes, it is the one that sold recently on Ebay. When I finally decided to stop buying booster boxes and booster packs, I started putting that money off to the side specifically for Espeon or Umbreon and it paid off in the end. :blush: Now to find Umbreon.

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Do you like sealed promos? :grin:

Just a little bit :blush:! Although my main focus are cards with shiny Pokemon, I have also began collecting promos on the side, focusing on getting the PLAY promos that were EXP awards sealed (and although I’ve never seen them, I would like to find the other PLAY promos sealed if possible). I’m thinking that I want to finish getting the other 5 sealed P Promotional cards from the Pokemon Happy Adventure Rally after the PLAY promos.

Very nice collection man ^^
Very envious of the Espeon :heart_eyes:

so jealous of that Espeon

Beautiful cards, and I enthusiastically enjoy the Espeon especially. :stuck_out_tongue:

Wow nice collection there! Especially the espeon! The Player Promos are a definitely my favorite set and it’s nice to see someone who seems to share my opinion. Truth be told, I was going after that same espeon but you beat me to it haha

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Thanks guys! I’ll be posting more of my collection soon as I take pics and upload them to my photobucket. I feel like these are the highlight of my collection. :blush:

@jkuo haha! I’m sorry :stuck_out_tongue: I literally woke up really early randomly that morning, logged into eBay half awake and saw it, and sent an offer immediately. lol. Now if I can only find an Umbreon that won’t cost me selling my soul then I’d be extremely happy.

The going rate is actually 2 souls :stuck_out_tongue:

Great collection, definitely looking forward to seeing some pics of the rare cards from your booster box craze :blush:


@hapycakeoven 2 souls!? sheesh, talk about inflating the prices! I guess I gotta do what I gotta do! Much of what I got from my booster box craze got sold and traded off (mostly my BW and XY stuff) but I still do have my Skyridge stuff and a bunch of stuff I got from buying EX series boosters and 3 pack blisters.

So I just took a few more pictures of cards from my collection this evening. First are a few things I got from my spending spree on booster boxes. During that time, I bought 2 Skyridge boxes. Some of these crystal cards are a result of that :grin:

My Reverse Holo Crystal cards. I pulled all of these myself except for Charizard and Ho-oh

Complete set of Holo Crystal cards from Aquapolois and Skyridge. I didn’t pull any of the Aquapolis crsytals, but I did pull the Charizard, Kabutops and Golem :blush:

My Japanese Crystal :blush: I have a Kabutops on the way and will just need Lugia. I am also looking for Unlimited Ed Charizard and Celebi. Speaking of Celebi, my Celebi is my favorite Japanese crystal card. I pulled that one myself from a 5 pack lot of E Series 5 boosters I picked up off of Ebay back in June.

Lastly, My 1st Edition WCP Eeveelution Gold Stars. I love the extra effects added to the WCP gold star cards. Definitely one of the highlights in my collection.


How much nicer are the japanese crystals than the English :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t get me started! When I first pulled my Japanese Celebi, I immediately began thinking, “why am I even collecting the English ones?”

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I really dislike reverse crystals, but it’s always nice to see some of them freshly pulled!
And I agree with hapycakeoven, japanese crystal cards are really nicer. Congrats!

Thanks! :blush: I’m not a fan of the reverse holos either. Speaking of reverse holos, I hate that the Shiny Pokemon cards from the Platinum sets were made reverse holos in the English sets. I have a few of the Japanese ones and I can’t figure out why thy would decide to make them reverse holos. Just another example of the Japanese cards looking nicer.