Shiny Pokemon Collection. PSA10 1ed Gold Star Complete!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you guys with additions to my collection. For those of you who don’t lurk around instagram, I’ve met one of my collection goals (partially) recently, but I am very much close to seeing the rest of it through in the upcoming couple of weeks. I am pleased to announce that I’ve completed all of the Japanese Gold Star cards graded, with all except 1 of them being PSA 10 (Espeon is PSA 9 but is being sent in for review), and all except 3 of them being 1st Edition (Still need Latias, Regirock and Mew in 1ed, but I am sending off a Latias to be graded, have a Regirock on the way and currently in the process of making a deal for a Mew). Very big THANK YOU to everyone who has helped me achieve this goal along the way. When I first got back into collecting toward the end of 2013, there was no way I would have thought I would have been chasing these cards, let alone owning them.
First are the Clash of the Blue Sky Gold Stars. Hopefully my Latias comes back a 10 (I pulled it from a booster pack a couple months ago and have been itching to send it in.)

Rocket Gang Strikes Back Gold Stars

Golden Sky, Silvery Ocean Gold Stars

Mirage Forest Gold Stars (I should have my 1ed Regirock Monday afternoon.)

Holon Research Tower Gold Stars

Holon Phantoms and Mew/Lucario Gift Box Gold Stars

Miracle Crystal Gold Stars

Offense and Defense of the Furthest Ends Gold Stars (I graded the unlimited Mew right before the New Year and was ecstatic that it got a 10 since this set is such a pain to grade. I am currently in the works of getting a PSA10 1ed Mew to complete my 1ed Gold Stars :slight_smile: )

World Champions Pack Gold Stars

PLAY Promotional Gold Stars (I’ve graded the Espeon twice and both times it got a 9, so I am now gonna send it in for review this week and hopefully it comes back as a 10.)

I just thought it would make a nice picture to have the Fan Club Eevee in a picture with the PLAY Promo Eeveelutions

With my gold stars pretty much complete, I am now going to work towards other shiny Pokemon cards. I will slowly piece together the Japanese Shinings (currently have 1 in hand and another on the way) but right now, I think I’ll work on the L-P promos and the shiny Pokemon cards from BW and XY series. The set I am not looking forward to getting are the 12 cards from DPt series since they are near impossible to find mint short of buying a booster box. From here on out, I’ll keep you guys updated with my progress in my shiny Pokemon hunt and other awesome cards I come across in this thread.


Also, I have a decent headstart on my BW UR shiny Pokemon cards. I think I can accomplish this one relatively quickly :blush:


This is super impressive, nice job!

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Thanks! I am super stoked about having completed this goal :blush:

I’m getting ‘photo not found’ on these images :open_mouth:

hmmmm not sure whats going on, photobucket is funky sometimes:-/


Are you on mobile (tapatalk or browser)? I tend to have issues on occasion with mobile browsing and pictures.

Do you think you’ll expand your goals into English/other languages after you complete 1st Ed Japanese of the other sets you said you’re moving on to?

@acebren I think I got the technical issues worked out. I did change the name of album the pictures were in, so I redid all of the links. hopefully that resolves it

@justinator I’m mostly a Japanese collector, but I would never say never. Now as I continue to expand my Mewtwo and Mew collection, I will likely work towards other languages :blush:



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Very nice. I love the thrill and challenge of finding cards across other languages and countries. There’s nothing quite like being forced to expand your search into websites, facebook pages/groups, and auctions in languages you don’t speak!

In any event, you’ve got some time before you get to that point I suppose so it’s a bit early to say you would or wouldn’t for sure. (:

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Yeah they work now.

Very nice results so far, I think we are almost tied with 1st ed. PSA 10’s ( however you have WCP stars on top of that ). :wink:

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Most definitely! I am constantly searching all over, trying to expand outside of YJ and Ebay, finding obscure websites and even checking out my local shops. I haven’t quite made my way into Facebook, but I need to!

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WOW! i can see them now, didnt expect all that to be hiding lol, awesome cards


We have the same goals at the moment which I think is pretty cool, you are way further ahead of me though as most of one are currently raw and I haven’t made into into the newer ur shining Pokemon yet, also in doing both unlimited and 1ed for each though so it’s gonna take me a little while longer. You have inspired me to catch up a bit though as I realise I haven’t even bought anything at all this year yet :slightly_frowning_face:

It’s always amazing to me the dedication present when people have not only awesome collections, but nearly every card in PSA 10 as well. Great work. Beautiful cards.

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I shall be grading a ton of ultra rare shinings soon muhahahha, made an awesome deal with gem mint ungraded cards!

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Pm me those secret web sites always I’ll shoot you.

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You need to move back into your parents house bro so you can buy golden starnens and shinies.

I was almost obsessive with completing this set, especially as I got closer and closer to finishing. But good luck to you! Especially with going after the unlimited ones too. I thought about doing that before, but decided I would just pursue the 1ed with the gold stars and all of the other shiny Pokemon cards, it wouldn’t matter on edition. Some of those unlimited are gonna be tough. The new year is still young so you have plenty of time to complete it :blush: