PSA 9 Gold star collection. *COMPLETE* :)

Hello :blush:

Just got back into collecting again recently and been going non stop! (packs, boosters, etc…). Ebay makes it WAAY to easy to buy stuff :unamused: (lol)
Before my most recent venture back into pokemon cards, I was into the Ball Python breeding scene! I don’t know if anyone here knows about that… but its intense… people will shell out 25k for a “new” morph of python. The community surrounding snakes and reptiles was amazing, but due to a health issue with a parent i was forced to sell. It feels good to get back into collecting cards and to get back into a “community” :blush: and everyone here seems super nice and helpful!

This is just the start of my psa collection and i hope to expand it even more! And start to send in my own cards to get graded in the future.

The gold stars are amazing and i need to have them all! lol. But of course the “best” is always the most expensive, but it will be a fun adventure searching them out!


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Hell ya. haha Rayquaza and cyndaquil. Perfect pokes lol

Wow! What a start!
You knocked out the most expensive ones. So you’ve got that going for you, which is nice.

Thanks! :blush:

Gotta find mew next!

Well hey. If you like 9’s, you’ll love all of my recent submissions! lol


Nice find on the espeon. I was going to message you about buy it mine. How much did you pay for yours?

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that took awhile to hunt down the price haha, but i paid $425 shipped :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s not a bad price. You should feel good about that.

Thanks, I thought so too. Just as long as no one comes out all of a sudden with thousands of them stashed away somewhere haha.

If they do, you aren’t any further behind than anyone else. So worrying just causes yourself unnecessary stress. If you’re happy with it, you’re happy with it. That’s all there really is to it. :blush:

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Im happy :blush: id be even Happier with a collection of PSA 10 rayquazas though :sunglasses: haha

@pottsinator - As my business prof said, you should learn to ignore sunk costs. You purchased that Espeon for $425 at a time where you believed it was a good investment (or in your case collection item). If for whatever reason, someone does come out with 1000s of them and the price lowers, you should ignore what you paid, because you paid to have it when you wanted it and if for whatever reason you think selling it to fund a more profitable purchase is worth it, do it!
That being said, I seriously don’t think that $425 was a bad purchase, in fact it is pretty good! Glad your collection is taking off! :blush: That Espeon is stellar! (As is Rayquaza)

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Thank you! :blush: you’re business prof sounds like a smart man :blush:

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But she definitely was! She grabbed all her information for the textbook she made from the best of the best textbooks and websites… Very smart, and I can’t wait to have her in 2 years.

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Thats great! SHE sounds like a very smart woman :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lol

lol. What is the next card(s) you are aiming to purchase/trade for?

I’m trying to complete the gold star set, but I’m as of right now I’m just trying to find a gold star 9 mew at a reasonable price

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that espeon though :heart_eyes:

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Added a few more, and I have a few more coming soon!

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I saw you selling part of your collections. Are you focusing your funds only on the gold stars?