Starhatpokemon's collection (Updated 10/7)

Hello fellow collectors. I’ve been lurking on these forums for quite some time now…but decided it was time to come out of hiding :open_mouth:. Some of you may have seen me on ebay or Youtube
My Flickr Album

I’ll slowly update with more pictures and videos, so bear with me. I’ll start things off with something exciting that I just found out the grades of 25 cards that I’ve been waiting patiently for :grin: Relatively pleased with the grades overall. Was hoping for a few more english PSA 10s 8D

That’s uhhh certainly a lot of Gold Stars…

Super jealous of the English Mew Gold Star getting a 10.

After watching your eBay listings, that photo doesn’t even remotely surprise me. Haha.

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Well done on the grades.

I am just curious what the other 7 cards were. :stuck_out_tongue:

I believe there are actually 25 cards. The numbering system on the left repeated for multiples of cards :blush:

Great mother of pearl that is a lot of Gold Stars!

Small little update! PSA returns came in. Nothing like having the cards in hand :blush:

Just curious, do you have a link to an album of your collection?

Yea sorry. Finally took some time and created a Photo Album

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that bianca -drools-

Nice photos, I love the variety of cards in your collection. You have probably spend a small fortune on everything but it also brought you some really good stuff in return!

Got the first of two packages today. Here are some highlights. Feeling pretty happy overall. Anxious to get my 2nd package :grin:

Here’s the video if you are interested in seeing a lot of full arts / secret rares lol.

So much great cards in one lot. Little jealous about that lottery Suicune, nice catch! :grin:

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Don’t you just love when you have a huge haul of cool things come in at once?

Enjoy them!


My most recent return. Bad grades on english as is the standard lol.

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I personally love seeing the distribution fall so heavily towards 9 on English. These suckers will be valuable in 10 condition. Haha.


Next time you want to submit cards, prior to filling out the form, pm me for an important tip;)

I’m glad I kept nearly 40 BW era FA and SR in PSA 10s. I’ve been trying to complete sets of all FA from each BW set for my collection.


Pics or it didn’t happen. ;D

They are all on my youtube channel but I’ll take picture just for you. Because of the winky face.