FourthStarTCG's Collection! (Update 1/20/24!)

Some notable cards, including my favorites. I’ll try to post graded cards here as I consider that a finality in terms of collecting. For me, I like to get cards in PSA 9 or higher, and 10s on some really special ones. Japanese cards I try to get in 10s because they are way easier. I would go for all 10s, but I just don’t have the finances and honestly, a 9 is good enough for me and holds its value well.

EDIT: imgur album is out of date. All my current PSA cards are displayed on page 4 and beyond, but of course the whole thread shows cards in my collection.


Alright, here’s a link. Pleas let me know if it works!


Nice cards!

Do you also collect old EX’s? How about Japanese ones? :blush:

Yes and yes! The old EX sets are may favorites, and Japanese is even more special! Japanese gold stars are some of my favorite cards ever printed. And thanks for the compliment! I have tons more, I will update once I get my PSA returns in a few weeks.

I can’t wait to see more. :blush:

I am a huge fan of the Japanese ex series. I would have *loved* to open a box or two.

Thanks, more will be coming! :blush: And I know right, they were so cool. Its really sad that they’re practically nonexistent unless you have some seriously deep pockets.

New Additions, Pictures coming soon!

PSA 9 Latias EX Full Art

PSA 9 Groudon EX Full Art

PSA 9 Sceptile ex (Crystal Guardians)

PSA Submission highlights, will have grades later this week:

JPN Genesect, Deoxys, Raikou, Dialga (Full Metal) EX FA
JPN Latias Gold Star
ENG Rayquaza, Darkrai, Gengar, Lysandre, Lysandre’s Our honorable president Card, Dialga (Full Metal) FAs

EDIT: Newly Acquired! Mint condition Japanese Darkrai EX SR from BW4! One of my favorite cards and damn hard to find at a reasonable price.

Looking forward to the pics and congrats on the PSA returns

@guangjohto Thanks! :blush: Can’t wait for the grades to come in.

Sending in my first ever PSA submission over Christmas. More nervous about sending my cards away than the actual grades to be honest! (sending from UK)

Be sure to keep us updated on your returns!

Collection now updated with the new PSA arrivals and my 1st ever PSA return! I’d love it if you guys could check them out at my imgur account. Thank you! Always open to suggestions of what I should add to my collection next!

PSA Sub #2! Additional cards that went with this are the Camerupt EX full art and Archie’s Ace full art. I took out the Zapdos ex after noticing a nick that meant it probably wasn’t a 10.


Added this gem recently :grin:


Awesome addition:)


GRADE REPORT! PSA round #2, 21 cards, arrived 1/21 for 30-day service. No big surprises, annoyed about the Japanese Darkrai and the Umbreon ex. At least my Japanese SR Megas did really well.


Nice one on the 10s!

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Imgur page now updated with pictures of newest PSA return! Link is on Page 1.

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Its holiness has arrived. Praying for a 10.


Good luck! Sending one in myself this week!

In 3 months timr there will be 50 M Ray SR PSA 10s.

Its a badass card though so who cares.