Hisoka's Collection Adventures - Here We Go Again!

How’s it going everyone. I am new here, but not new to collecting or to some of the people here. I got back into collecting in 2011 but I was only collecting a few of the older cards to make a poster for my wall. I started collecting pokemon during jungle and stopped around Neo Destiny - Expedition. When I started seeing the newer sets since I stopped I wanted to collect more than just a few for a poster. That journey has led me to my current collection.

Some of you may know me from Youtube. From the newer sets to the most recent I do lots of pack & box openings. I also do PSA gradings.

I am also on Reddit’s Pokemon tcg section where I met milhouse and a few others.

Since most of my stuff is on youtube I’ll try to show you guys stuff that either hasn’t been shown on youtube or that will be on upcoming videos.

This XY Flash Fire pics are from when I helped an ebay seller open up several cases of Flash Fire. I was cherry picking the best conditioned cards to send to PSA. I also got some good cards from other sellers. The other pics on the table cloth are all my Ultra Rare pulls from my 1st case. I was also able to make a Master which I sold so I just ordered another case of Flash Fire. As of right now the cards in the card Saver 1s are all I have of Flash Fire for myself.

Recently Just Bought All 1st Ed Neo Sets from one of my private sellers. I will be picking up the E-Series Next. I was hoping the charizard would get a 10 since it looked amazing last time. Unfortunately it has a dent on the border so we’ll see.

I buy/sell/trade a lot of cards to help me complete my collection. It’s why I’ve been able to spend so much on cards. This is just a small part of My Collection. I’m about 70% done with my collection. I’ve got quite a few boxes at my house and since those pictures I’ve opened some and added others. I’ve got about 15-20 complete sets not pictured. If there’s anything in particular people want to see let me know.

I’ve got:
-Promo Binder
-Shattered, Alternate Holo Promos, POP Series & Non Holo Ver Binder
-Ultra Rare Binder w/ my extra ungraded cards
-My ex Series Binders/Sets
-My BW Sets (Almost complete 95%)
-Sealed Pack/Booster Box Collection
-PSA Collection


holy moley. Dont think I’ve ever seen so many different boxes in one pic! Plus the diesel brief case FILLED with graded gems. Thats really quite the collection

I weep for my future endeavors. That is a glorious collection you have there. Not to mention I see a card or two that I would love.

PSA 10 Shining Gyarados 1st Edition…

The tears! They come in waves!

Wow so many graded Charizards… amazing collection :blush:

Pretty staggering amount of psa cards. Good luck for achieving your goal. :wink:

Btw. the youtube link in op doesn’t work.

Glad to see you finally made it here dude.

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Well see how it goes with the grades. I see them coming back as 9s, but not many 10s. I did get a 1st edition Shining Gyarados graded a 10 awhile back but I sold it. I have the complete unlimited shining and didn’t want to bother upgrading to 1st edition. I am looking to pick up another 1st ed revelations box to try and get myself a Ho-Oh graded a 10.

You need to hydrate more so you don’t dye from all the crying that will be coming from my next posts.

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It’s quite a few Cards. I think I might need to buy another case before I am done.

I fixed the Youtube link. It should work now.

I bought some POP 5 Packs awhile back and filmed the opening. I’ve been saving it as the finale to my 300+ english ex series pack opening. The cards from this opening are still at PSA. Another 2-4 weeks.

100 POP 5 Pack Opening


Great video! Have you gotten the grades back yet for the ones you pulled?

No I haven’t. I sent them off on 4/30 and it started the grading process on 5/12. Less than 2 weeks ago.

How many of the charizard s do you think will get a 10? Where did you get all those unseen forces gold stars?

Traded someone at my pokemon league during flashfire english prerelease event. Which charizard?

The full art charizard. I am only sending in 3 2 might get 10.

Watched some videos amazing stuff man and I love the username !

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Thanks I’m glad your enjoyed the video.

Bravo, your collection looks amazing :wink:

Will you start to collect japanese promo or trophy cards ?

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Not really. Unless there’s a Tyranitar I really don’t care. The exclusivity, rareness or unique factor doesn’t appeal to me.

Some of them have really cool art work but I like making these mini sets of all shinings, crystals or all the gold stars.

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Pictures coming soon but I thought I’d share what’s going on.

1st thing is that I sent off another submission to psa. At the moment I have 2 submissions at psa (the other being submitted April 27th). The most recent submission was 123 cards and the other is 170ish. The bad news about this is I forgot to do a BCBM video for the cards in that submission for those that watch on YouTube. I also neglected to do a submission video. I will make a psa returns video to show the grades.

The second thing, this is really bothering me, is that I worked out a deal for 2 1st ed Neo boxes. I got neo Revelations and destiny for a great price. The problem is that the boxes were supposed to be delivered to me on Thursday according to the tracking. Neither my delivery guy nor any supervisor have an idea where my box is at. They keep saying that they will look for it and get back to me. I call everyday and no box. It registered so someone has to sign for it to receive it. This is the third certified/registered mail to take 3-5 days after tracking says it’s out for delivery. I usually receive it but the fact that they don’t know where my stuff is at is very unsettling.

Good news was that I helped a friend open his 1st ed Neo Destiny box. While very awesome to open such a rare box it was killing us.we didn’t pull a holo for 10 packs then only pulled 2 or 3 until pack 25. The. All the holos came back to back. It had him worried quite a bit not pulling any holos. 3 shinings, all off centered a bit and the lesser desired ones.

Sorry for no pics I’ll post some soon. I thought I’d share both my current situation, joy and frustration.

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Scary stuff.
I saw you are grading VS now?
Just hoping to get a PSA 10 set, since some like the commons aren’t worth a whole lot?