Xuzu' Collection

So since I have joined a year or almost two perhaps ago, I think it’s fair to say I’ve gone from casual nostalgia recapturererer to serious collector. I have felt for a while that this merits a new, more professionally presented thread for my collection. Just having purchased a scanner, combined with a few collection goals coming to fruition lately, I felt that this is the perfect time.

To kick things off, I have very recently managed to complete my very favourite set of cards to date (and probably that there ever will be). They’re the perfect balance of rare, old, unique and beauty. Hands down my favourite cards. It’s a real privilege to own the complete set, particularly since I have had eyes on them since some of them were just (and still are) pop 1-4 in PSA 10 Gem Mint. Managed to grade only the Noctowl myself, which is a nice touch, but not something I really attribute much value to. The rest have been bought from Japan, USA & UK. Thanks again to those sellers!

Anyway! Here you go:


I believe it’s a world 2nd, after our own @darkrai to own both the 8 Neo 4 shinings alone, and also all 10 main Japanese Neo shinings including Magikarp & Gyarados. I also own all 8 Neo Destiny shinings in English 1st Ed PSA 10. I guess that’s my own world first haha, unless darkrai has them too! :stuck_out_tongue:


Y-you…got a Raichu…

*Enter instant featle position*

*Contemplates Life*

*Wonders what now*

Congrats man!! :blush:
*Fakes a smile*


I have a feeling this thread is going to be picture perfect.


One of my charizards is going to get a 10, and den im getting the raichu. xD


Thanks. Your scan was a great motivation, they just look great together as a set.

Uhh I have 3 main goals right now. One is very long term, another one slightly less so but more fun and easy to do (all will become clear soon) and the other is the Japanese Gold Stars of which I have a fair amount. They’re somewhat costly relative to how much I like them, e.g. Latios/Latias. Even beautiful cards like the dogs and Rayquaza, I feel that I struggle to justify spending that much on. Of those though, the Eeveelution Promos definitely are part of my active goals. If my Espeon gets a 10 I’ll have 3/5 but who knows when/if the opportunity for an Umbreon will ever arise!

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There is a couple of sets of umbreon/espeon on yahoo right now, but there quite expensive and youd have to grab both umbreon and espeon :confused: go for the gold stars muhahahaha sounds epic… though you might have trouble bidding against me when dhey come up on the other endxD since I am after the quaza, charizard, latias, latios, and mew especially IN pristine conditions, it is going to take many many many auctions to get a perfect one im sure and dhey dont come up often :nerd_face: So prepare for bid wars.

Scan with Reddit user ‘Jee-Wiz’ animated artwork versions imposed:


those scans are very nice.


Where do reddit people hang out for pokemoons xD

That set is beyond great, beat ultra rares Pokemon has ever had hands down! 10s are ridiculous for this set too so congratulations :blush:

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Scanned a couple of boxes, will be scanning more soon, with even better artworks. Cough Japanese Neo. Thought they came out nice and we can’t have enough high quality images of these old things IMO.



Those Neo scans are glorious!

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You are doing something great with your scans. I NEED MORE!


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Got the beautiful Japanese Southern Island set. These post cards in particular will be framed and hung at some point. Stunning!


When ‘Legendary’ meant Legendary.


Sealed Neo


Jesus H Christ.

Can someone turn on the AC?..

Cause it just got HOT UP IN THIS BISH.