Fireftw_TCG's Collection

Started collecting back in 1999. Back then the only set I completed was Jungle!

Now I am on a mission for more! I collect Charizard cards, WOTC sets (binder and psa cards) and a small amount of trophy/sudo trophy cards and sealed product.

Sharing my Charizard collection through the link below. Too many pictures to post direct on the forum but I created a public album on Flickr! They are in a rough date order. Hopefully I will have one of every Charizard card in English and Japanese eventually!


Nice collection! I’m jelly

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This is awesome, going for the same atm in every English Zard but not PSA Graded. Literally just a lot of WOTC left for me and the Mega Charizard EX 69 from Flashire and I’ll have them all! Not sure whether to go for 3 1st ed ones (Thick, Thin and Grey) or just one for now. Oh, and the FPO Expedition one - think I’ll leave that since it’s market fixed.

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Thanks :blush: Good luck with your collection! I’m not sure whether ill be going after the thick stamp and grey stamp as 1st edition charizards are so expensive anyway might just stick with the one! Yeh its awesome to have the FPO but they are so hard to get now and expensive to buy. I’m glad I brought one off the Charizard authority when I did!

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Thanks man, took a while to get it too this stage!!

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Beautiful lot. Great job:)
More Charizard collectors are popping up. I love it:)

Where’s your card #186 Bandai Prism? 1998/1999

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This collection is beautiful! Charizard is also one of my favorites, but I just can’t justify spending the money to collect it! xD

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Very nice COllection… charizard is the greatest.

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awesome collection! one I’m looking out for next is the stormfront.

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Thanks :blush: Which card is this?

This beast
via Imgur for iOS

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I have never seen that card before, looks awesome! Is this yours? I have a few old charizard movie/prism cards that I have not photographed, I might have to dig them out and stick them on here when im back home later.


Another addition I picked up recently! :grin: Just need a Portuguese base set charizard then Ill have a charizard from each language in the base set!


I have a unlimited portuguese charizard at PSA right now. It should come back at least a 7. Would you be interested in buying it?

Thank you, I possibly would! Depending on when its back from psa and the price. I am off travelling end of October so I have limited time/money at the moment. It would be great to get all the languages before I leave though!

Latest Addition :blush: Looks pretty sweet!


Another promo arrived today, I think this is one of my favourite charizard artworks todate!


Glorious card!

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Latest editions to my collection!

Thanks to @cljdavis for these:

And @shizzlemetimbers for this one:

Also got these off ebay:

Non holo legendary collection

More cp6