Jaws's Charizard collecting journey

I figured I should make a thread just for my Charizard collecting journey. The main goal is to get every WOTC variant in every language in 1st edition and unlimited copies. Errors are also acceptable. I have decided that I can have square cuts in place of regular versions. I sold my Italian unlimited copy and purchased a square cut Italian unlimited copy for example.

A lot of my lower graded ones are childhood cards with sequential certs. It doesn’t really matter to me because they have sentimental value.

I’ll start with the childhood cards that were in the binder. Here’s how it started:

First submission was ready to go in 2020


Sweats in :pinched_fingers:
I didn’t know italian square cut existed, great pick man

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I’ll post the box toppers next. Thankfully I have been able to knock these out as far as the other languages go.

I bought two German box toppers from the same guy on Ebay, and they both got BGS 9.5 gold labels. I kept one and sold the other one back to him in an auction. Here’s that mail day:

I picked up an Italian copy on PWCC.

Then just for fun I happened to get my raw English copy from the post office while I was putting test miles on my client’s car.


Love the zards my friend! That first binder page is insane and I love the side by side display of the English and Japanese!! I’m a fan of grading childhood binder cards as well. Nice way to preserve and enjoy them

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@Smokemon Thanks man! The binder has changed a lot since then, new pages and new sleeves and I organized a lot.

Can’t forget the biggest purchase for the collection:

Here’s the Foreign language base set cards.

This is one of those ultra special ones to me… The Italian base set square cut. This one was given to the original owner at a convention, WOTC promo as opposed to NFC.

Then I have the 4th print and I purchased the Legendary Collection reverse holo from a buddy’s brother. It was in his collection since he was a kid, it has some good history so I don’t mind that it got a lower grade.


Something about the deep crimson red in the Korean and Chinese WotC prints that pulls me in.

That square cut Italian zard is legendary!! I didn’t even know that existed!

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@smokemon the scan doesn’t do it justice! Here it is before I sent it to BGS:

The swirl and fireball combo makes it that much more special.


Time for more!

Expedition art time.

And one of my favorites: The Ecard Lottery promo. This should have been the holo for Expedition honestly.

Here’s the Web promo.


I love the Skyridge art. It surprises me that people don’t like it as much. This is the funniest card I own because of how rough it is. I can’t even believe they graded it honestly.

I forgot to put the graded English box topper above.


Even though the shine of charizard has faded in my eyes with the milking that has been going on lately skyridge zard still is such a beautiful card and perhaps my favourite tcg artwork of the big lizard, so definitely sharing the same thought about people not liking it

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