Jaws's Charizard collecting journey

Here’s the compiled list of everything I need to complete a master set. Making a dent!

Japanese Base
Japanese No rarity- HAVE
Japanese unlimited - HAVE

English Base
1st edition-HAVE
Shadowless -HAVE
Unlimited -HAVE 1 childhood, 1 miscut error CGC 1.5 (STOLEN)
4th print -HAVE
Black dot error-STOLEN (incomplete Holo error)

Other language Base
Korean unlimited-
Korean 1st ed -HAVE
Chinese unlimited-HAVE
Chinese 1st ed-
Dutch unlimited-HAVE
Dutch 1st ed-
French unlimited-HAVE
French 1st ed-
German unlimited-HAVE
German 1st ed-
Spanish unlimited-HAVE
Spanish 1st ed- HAVE
Italian unlimited-HAVE
Italian 1st ed-
Portuguese unlimited-HAVE
Portuguese 1st ed-

Legendary Collection
Legendary collection Holo-
Legendary collection non Holo- HAVE
Legendary collection reverse Holo-HAVE

Team Rocket
Dark Charizard non Holo-
Dark Charizard Holo-HAVE
Dark Charizard 1st Ed holo-
Dark Charizard 1st ed non holo- HAVE (ink error)
Dark Charizard Japanese- HAVE 2 copies. One Dr. Sameji auto, one childhood card
Dark Charizard German unlimited Holo- HAVE
Dark Charizard German unlimited non Holo- HAVE
Dark Charizard German 1st ed non holo-
Dark Charizard German 1st ed holo- HAVE
Dark Charizard Italian unlimited Holo-
Dark Charizard Italian 1st ed non holo-
Dark Charizard Italian 1st ed holo-
Dark Charizard French unlimited Holo-
Dark Charizard French unlimited non Holo-
Dark Charizard French 1st ed non holo-
Dark Charizard French 1st ed holo-

Gym Challenge
Blaine’s charizard unlimited- HAVE 2 copies, one childhood and one binder
Blaine’s Charizard Japanese-HAVE
Blaine’s charizard 1st Ed-
Blaine’s charizard corrected symbol- HAVE

Neo destiny
Shining charizard unlimited-
Shining Charizard 1st Ed-
German unlimited-STOLEN
German 1st ed-
Italian unlimited-STOLEN
Italian 1st ed- STOLEN
French unlimited-
French 1st ed-

Holo #6 English-HAVE
Non holo #6-
#6 Japanese unlimited-
#6 Japanese 1st Ed-
Reverse holo #39 English-HAVE
Reverse holo #39 Japanese-
Non holo #39 English-
Non holo #39 Japanese-
Non holo #39 Italian- HAVE
Reverse holo #39 Italian-
Holo Italian #6-
Non holo #39 German-
Reverse holo #39 German-
Holo #6 German-
Non holo #39 French-
Reverse Holo #39 French-

English Holo-
English Reverse holo- HAVE
Japanese 1st Edition-
Japanese Unlimited- HAVE
German Holo- STOLEN
German Reverse Holo-
Italian Holo-
Italian Reverse Holo-

Box toppers
Legendary collection-HAVE
Skyridge English-HAVE
Skyridge Italian-HAVE
Skyridge German-HAVE

Corocoro jumbo-HAVE

Web 1st ed-HAVE
CD promo-
Neo 2 promo-HAVE
Triple get lottery 014/p-HAVE



Adding to the collection! I picked up another korean base set 1st edition zard. That being said, I probably need to sell my BGS 8 copy to offset the cost. Perhaps if someone had another 1st ed Dutch or Portuguese zard we could trade…

Picked up an Italian 1st edition Shining Charizard! Now I’m waiting to end in my Italian unlimited copy for grading.

I didn’t expect to pick this up, but I got a good deal on it.


cracked this black dot error zard to send to CGC. I want the double error, incomplete Holo and the black dot variant.

Italian unlimited, shining Charizard waiting for grading


BGS 8 Korean zard is sold, but I still have my 8.5.

Also got the incomplete holo pattern on my black dot error too.

Got a binder copy of Blaine’s Charizard so I could work on my Gym sets.


if you don’t mind me asking, what are / where did you get the giant red & blue wall art?

and great zard collection btw :slight_smile:

Someone on Facebook had it for sale, he might post them on Etsy. Thank you!

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German Dark Charizard checked off the list.


Damn CGC was consistent quite interesting since they changed labels and still is 7.5. I’m sending my PSA 5 to CGC, I doubt it will stay a 5.

Yeah they have been doing better about accurately grading, at least for me. I’m just glad the error was recognized.

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It was my lucky weekend. Two German Dark Charizards crossed off the list.

Added the non holo unlimited.




A friend hooked me up with a corrected symbol binder card!


Updates! Got some beat up copies for fun. Still chugging along.


Love the 1s! So much history behind them. Congrats!


Holy crap dude your collection is awesome


Thank you!


They do tell a story :slight_smile:

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After the big setback from having 6 Charizards stolen, I must continue the world collection journey.

Finally got a Spanish 1st edition in PSA 8!

I love the Italian zards, here’s another rough copy just because. I also love these weird grades in between 1-4.


I have a German 1st ed in PSA 5 btw. Front looks much nicer than a 5, there is creasing on the back which is not as visible. Let me know if you’re interested!