Update 10/31, got a few Breakthrough packs early!

Why did you sell your original collection? What did you sell? :slightly_frowning_face:

I suppose it must be quite fun to start over though!

I was having a tough time financially, I sold a PSA 9 Coro Coro Mew, like multiples of every holo from base-neo4(japanese).

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Congrats on rebuilding your collection and returning to the hobby!

If you’re interested in a “holy grail” Shining Mew, I’ve got one factory-sealed — still inside the actual Corocoro magazine. I’ve also got some factory-sealed/no magazine Shining Mew cards, too. PM if you’re interested :blush:

Despite all of the super shiny and rare cards, it was the picture and story behind the Pidgeotto that appealed to me the most. I LOVE when people have stories to tell behind seemingly unimportant cards like that. :blush:


Awesome pidgetto. I remember getting my first pack and
Opening in it, the rare was a trainer bu i cant remember which. I remember gettif a ghastly in it however.

Thanks for all the comments and kind words people :blush:

Frost and Lame(not ;p)- Yea the Pidgeotto is a really special card I’m really happy it actually made it all these years thru the reckless 4th grade trading and the massive card dumps of a few years ago. Never got lost in time like lots of others.

Anyways, I got a few new cards! Not many, or anything really spectacular, but just a few little additions I’d like to share :blush:

I bought all of these for a very fair price after randomly stopping in a comic book store I just so happened to be passing by driving tonight. They had many more too, everything with the exception of like 6 cards were priced either very fair or very low. They have a 1/e Base Zapdos in really really good condition for $35, and singles were 20% off tonight too. I didn’t have enough on me for that though -.-, but anyways here’s what I grabbed!


The Politoed, Umbreon, and Espeon are all in M/NM condition, the base set ones are lightly played, not too bad. I only paid 9$! I thought it was a great deal. Especially for a random store that just has Pokemon Cards that have probably been sitting there for 4-5 years and not many people look/buy them. I’m gonna definitely be back to get more, probably gonna snag that Zapdos sooner than later. I also have a few goodies coming from eBay and a trade with a board member :wink:. Will post when they arrive

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Newest addition!

I’ve always thought this was a beautiful card, but never bought one. It looks just as good in person as it does in pictures, absolutely adore the artwork and holo pattern. Also my first E-series card of my new collection! Definitely a magnificent addition. Hopefully more updates to come :blush:

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Great addition for sure:)

That’s an awesome addition to your fast-growing collection.

I’ve always liked the e-Series McDonald’s set. So much fantastic artwork. :blush:

er mi gerd CUTE MEW CARDS

Awesome Slowpoke :blush:

Yea the McDonalds series artwork’s are great! I really, really want to get my hands on a sunset Mew lol. I am not sure if I’m gonna look to complete the McDonalds set or not, but here is an update of some really awesome cards I recently got!

Friday, at midnight my girlfriend and I drove out to walmart so that I could pick up a copy of Pokemon X(omg I love it), and I never really buy English cards or anything, but I saw this tin and I really liked the artwork, and Lugia is one of my favorite Pokemon, so I ended up coming home with this

But here’s the good stuff :wink:

I actually think this is the first VS card I have ever owned! I absolutely love the artwork on it, this has become an instant favorite of mine :blush:

I realized I didn’t have any holo energy cards, and I have always liked the Rainbow Energy since it first came out, so I got the holo VS version, I like it a lot, really pretty. EDIT - OMG I just realized this isn’t 1st edition after looking over my post! This is an outrage! :slightly_frowning_face:. Lol it’s not that big of a deal, but damn… I did just notice that.

I got my slowpoke a friend!

And finally, a vending Articuno. I wish it was the quickstarter version, but I’ll settle. I’m still salty about losing that auction for the Complete Quick Starter, sniped with one second to go :slightly_frowning_face:. oh well, i’m sure i’ll have another chance one day, and I’ll be ready.

I still have a few things on the way that I’m really excited to receive and share with you all! But they are coming from out of the Country so it may be a while. And I’m currently in the midst of a deal for something really, really special, I just hope it works out because I just hit a slight road bump in the deal. Anyways I hope you all enjoy my pictures and cards! And thank you all again for your comments! I’m glad other people enjoy my cards as much as I do, it makes collecting worth while :blush:. - Nick

Some very nice additions - your (re)collection is building quite nicely!

BTW I may be able to provide a red green sealed mint quick starter set if you are interested.

Getting sniped sucks. The amount of times ive regretted not upping my initial bid after losing out on an item.

Articuno Looks sweet as lemonade though dude

All VS Cards should be 1st ED?

False. The Promos are not 1st editions.

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I didn’t know the Promo’s weren’t 1st edition, I was very confused when I got the card and noticed it wasn’t 1/e(after posting it here), because I too was under the impression all VS cards were 1/e.

Anyways I have an awesome update! Just got some cards in the mail that I’ve been waiting for for weeks, and they are sweeeet.

Firstly, here is some really cool stuff I got from Cujocuyo that are just great additions to my collection…

Sealed ANA Zapdos/Moltres folder. These are such great cards, and I love that they’re sealed, but also sad that that I can’t really hold them or put them next to other cards/binder or whatever(technically I can but I’m not taking em out)!

ANA Articuno/Dragonite… This Articuno is one of my favorite artworks of all time, I absolutely love it and have never had this card before(never had any ANA cards actually). And the Dragonite brings back so many memories of the when I was in 4th grade going to go see the 1st movie like 10 times just to get all the promo’s! Good times.

Cool Porygon is one of the coolest cards I own

This has been a card I’ve wanted since it was released and never got it, it is one of my favorite Pokemon cards EVER. The artwork and colors are so amazing. I remember this is one of the very first gen 2 Pokemon cards I ever saw/heard of, the other one being a “Pikablu”(Marill), and I wasn’t sure if the Marill even existed, but I saw a picture of Yadoking online and wanted it so bad. I can’t remember if I saw this before I saw the Japanese Southern Island set or not… hmm…But I do remember it definitely being about gen 2 and I was just so excited.Awesome card.

Some CoroCoro promo’s. Computer Error, Misty’s Staryu, and Meowth

McDonalds Pikachu and Charmander! I’m starting to think I may just complete the entire McDonalds set since I already have 4 of the holo ones lol. Snagged these for a really really good price in an auction a few weeks ago!

All my McDonalds cards

Hope you all like them! I sure do! Unfortunately I probably won’t be getting a too too many new cards in the near future, only going to be getting any through trades! But who knows, most of these came from trades and they are really cool cards that I really like and was going to purchase anyway :blush:. Thanks for looking everyone

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My first 1/e Base Set Holo! And I got it for only FOUR DOLLARS! Yes, you heard right, 4$. Crazy. It is in great condition too. I feel like it’d get a PSA 8 or 9. So happy :grin:

That is a great buy and looks in very good condition too!

Yea it’s in very good condition, they also had a 1/e Base Nidoking that I really really wanted, but it was priced at $37.99 and I can’t really afford to buy any cards right now, but for 4$ that is an obvious exception lol. I’m confused as to why the Zapdos was marked 3.99 when the only other 1/e base card they had was 38, they must have known that 1/e base set have value… weird.

I only went to this store today to get some supplies(sleeves and a binder… still left without a binder =/), and they have a huge book of singles, mostly WotC English cards, and most are priced just 1$(I also bought a Base Raichu for 1$ today while there), and while browsing the book I saw the Zapdos, which a few weeks ago was priced 35$. I wonder if someone switched it with another card by accident and it went unnoticed. I’m happy with it though!

I also love the Yadoking I got in a trade from Cujocuyo(in the post above Zapdos), I just love looking at it, such a great, vibrant card.