Frost's Collection: Raging Out GX

Hey guys. I’ve spent most of the week sorting out of all my cards into piles based on their English sets. I finally finished that tonight and had this picture so I figured I might as well post it and start my own collection thread. I wish that picture had better lighting, but there’s only so much you can do without disturbing your parents at 3 AM. :confused:

Of the sets in that picture (the 49 English sets + the Japanese VS set), the only ones that I have 100% completed are Jungle, Fossil, Legends Awakened, Arceus, HeartGold/SoulSilver, Unleashed, Black/White, Emerging Powers and Noble Victories. But a lot of them are reeeeeally close to being completed, and the only reason why a bunch of others aren’t completed is because I own reprints of the Trainers that have the same artwork from other sets.

Also, I got two Jumbo cards in the mail from shpunto, so I’ll add pictures of those a bit later!

~SET COLLECTION STATUS as of September 12, 2017~
GENERATIONS ONE THROUGH SIX - COMPLETE (All English sets, including mini-sets, as well as VS and Vending Japanese)

-Sun/Moon: 163/163 (COMPLETE!)
-Guardians Rising: 154/169 (15)
-Burning Shadows: 157/169 (12)
-Shining Legends: TBA
-Crimson Invasion: TBA


@frost(Laughs) You make it sound like the Pokémon TCG is your secret lover. Your passion is despised – nay…forbidden by the public tongue, your throes ensnared within the cockles of a tangled web. You embrace your photographic desires in the depths of the twilight abyss; only the clandestine shadows keep your secret…

(Ahem) Anyway… xD

You’ve got a great photograph to start your collection thread! I am definitely looking forward to observing the expansion of your collection :blush:

Nahhhh, I just didn’t want to wake them up with lights or making noises since their room is right next to mine. :wink: They don’t understand the appeal of me collecting/spending so much money but at least they’re not jerks about it!

It was really kind of surprising to see all of the stacks in the end. And the picture was just my English sets (plus VS)… I’d need a third table that I don’t have for my piles of English promos, the POP sets, the Japanese Vending sets, the movie sets, other Japanese promos, jumbos… eep!

How do they manage to release so many cards?!

ETA: I also got these in the mail during the week:

Won them on eBay from thecardcollector-uk. Now I have four of the T promo sets! Just the Eeveelutions, Kanto middle evolution starters and Legendary Birds to go since the Larvitar line was released in English, lol.

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@frost – Totalitarianism :wink:

Some new stuff!

5th Movie Latias & Latias 1/J Promo and Pokemon Plaza Promo Jumbo – featuring the harsh flash of my camera exaggerating every scuffle on the top loader!

Soul Dew and Oakley’s Ariados from the 5th Movie Half Deck – won these separately on eBay. I’m two cards closer to completing the half deck, since all I care about are the fourteen cards exclusive to this deck, but the ones I’m missing are Alto Mare Cube and then unfortunately the big money cards: Annie’s Espeon, Alto Mare’s Latias, Alto Mare’s Latios and Misty’s Politoed. :confused:

This isn’t so much of an addition as it is a continuation of the picture in my first post: the DP, Platinum, HGSS and BW-era English TCG sets sleeved and filed in 9-page pockets. I’d estimate it’ll take two three-inch binders to house them all… and I already have the first three Generations of the TCG split across FOUR binders. :open_mouth:


I think I have a spare cube?

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A hodgepodge of recent eBay purchases:

Most happy about getting the Card Creator Pack as well as Ninetales and Wailord ex. :grin:


The cards on the bottom came from the pack on the top. I know it was more valuable to keep it sealed but I wanted the cards rather than the sealed pack, lol!

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@frost – Congratulations, Frost! I love Imakuni?'s Doduo :heart:

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I love that you decided to take them out of the pack just because you liked it. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t care mostly about the value.

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It took me forever to actually win one for a decent price! It’s the same rarity as ___'s Chansey, isn’t it? I managed to win one of those three years ago but it’s taken me this long to get Doduo. I like it too though. :blush:

tolan said:I love that you decided to take them out of the pack just because you liked it. It’s nice to see someone who doesn’t care mostly about the value.

Thanks! I know that some collectors like to keep things sealed and that’s cool but personally if I buy something, it’s because I want what’s inside, not to keep it sealed and profit from it later.

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Sometimes you just have to sit around and wait for the right deal but it will always present itself :blush:

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So true! I’m still waiting patiently for a Bilingual Exeggutor or a Natta Wake Hoppip deal to come along. :stuck_out_tongue:

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@frost – Yes and no. Imakuni?'s Doduo (Challenge from the Darkness) and _____'s Chansey (Challenge from the Darkness) are of similar albeit not exact rarity. In regards to number, they are very similar, although Imakuni?'s Doduo is slightly rarer. They are the only cards to have special white rarity symbols: Super Rare and Ultra-Rare Uncommon, respectively. I do not know comparable pull rates, yet I can assume they’re not that different; the accessibility of both cards are only separated by a single digit. In terms of value, Imakuni?'s Doduo is considered (1.5 – 2 x) greater in price than its counterpart. This is probably due to it being a Super Rare. In my opinion, it shouldn’t differ in price that much, although it still holds a higher value nonetheless. I bet you got it at a steal :wink:

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Interesting info there, UU! Is Chansey’s rarity really “Ultra-Rare Uncommon?” LOL, that sounds like such an oxymoron!

And I did okay on Doduo, at least compared to others on eBay right now, but far better on Chansey when it won it back in the day. :blush:

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@frost – Indeed! I think it is the most bizarre nomenclature of rarity in the history of the Pokémon TCG.

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Collection addition: Blastoise!

Only really important because it’s the last Base Set card I needed, as it was only a few months ago that I really started completing entire sets and the Base Set 2 prints just wouldn’t cut it anymore (as I had all of the Base cards if I counted my Base 2 prints toward the tally… haha). I could have bought it a few months ago but my internet BFF from New Zealand had one and was planning to come to America this year, so I held out until I met him last week and he gave this card. :blush: He also gave me Rocket’s Scyther which completed my Gym Heroes set!

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Nice, gotta love Blastoise!

Well done, I’m glad you were able to complete two sets that you needed. The feeling of having completed a set is just phenomenal. You must be so happy you have done them now. :blush:

Yeah, with Base and Gym Heroes done, I now have Base through Neo Discovery completed, and I have the two Gyarados line Shining cards coming in the mail, so Neo Revelation will be added to the list soon too! :grin:

Two new additions!

Neo Revelation’s Shinings! I was really scared when I first saw my Gyarados yesterday because I thought Neo Revelation’s Shinings were like Neo Destiny’s, where the Pokemon themselves look all glittery and stuff, but thankfully I figured out that Neo Revelation’s two weren’t like that.

With these, I’ve completed Neo Revelation, so I have Base Set through that completed now. Just Neo Destiny and Skyridge left of the Wizards era but I’m not holding my breath on completing either of those two sets anytime soon, lol.