AreEsTee's Collection 11/18/16 - Evolutions FA, Pikachu, etc

Hello everyone, I’ve posted bits and pieces of my collection on various threads but figured it was about time for me to consolidate it in one place, so I went ahead and organized my photobucket. Don’t have pictures of everything yet, but here are the links:

Full Library:

My collection started with the Pokemon WotC sets (up to Neo Destiny), which are basically complete at this point. I also have old school japanese promos, as well as an ongoing English EX FA collection going. I also do old-school Yu-Gi-Oh collecting on the side. I know most collectors on the site here deal mostly in PSA graded cards (more power to you guys), but I take great pride in my ungraded, raw collection as the cards just feel more… “real” to me this way. To me, that’s the way I collected as a kid, and that’s how I’ll continue to collect. Just gotta take good care of your cards, which I definitely do. :] Everything down to the commons is sleeved with KMC perfect fits, with some cards being double sleeved on top of that before they are placed into my binders.

Will update with more pictures of my stuff in the future, but hope you guys enjoy what I have to offer so far!


Awesome pokemooons! Those self made illustrators are cool brooo. =)

Thanks, it was made for fun/recreational purposes only; I find it really funny that the Rhydon is still peeking out from the holes. Tried using acetone to strip the art (don’t worry it’s a played condition card!) to no avail, so it’ll have to stay that way for now.

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so You made the foil bit and stuff to?

It’s just a piece of paper on top of a Japanese Brock’s Rhydon. :wink:


I didnt even notice brocks rhydon card, man im a retard.

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Wow I love those customized binders!

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I really like the way you organized your FA’s. Also what is the box with the gen 1&2 starters you have?

Wow I’m really impressed by the Pokemon Illustrator. You seem to like the Pikachu promo cards :grin:

@ @missingno

Yeah my Full Arts are arranged in National Dex order since there aren’t too many Pokemon that have more than one FA; only ones right now are Latios, Shaymin, Giratina, and Kyurem if you don’t include the Team Plasma ones. The Gen 1/2 Starter Cards I think you’re referring to come from the Video Intro Pack and Intro Pack Neo respectively, with the latter being quite a bit rarer and harder to find. I bought both sealed and it definitely costed a pretty penny; felt great to open such old school cards though. Also opened them carefully enough that the packaging still looks like it’s sealed. :blush:

@ @tyrantarnado

My Rhydon Illustrator is getting almost a bit too much attention for my comfort, haha. ^^
I just kinda started my Pikachu collection actually in anticipation of the release of this binder in November:

Since my binders are kinda sorted according to the games, this one fit that theme so perfectly that I couldn’t help but be super hyped. :grin:


Very nice collection!
Awesome binders :blush:

Im talking about the box you keep some of your cards in @areestee The one with zard,saur,stoise,gatr,ty and ganium on it.

Ah, that I actually found courtesy of @omahanime on the auction thread back in August. It’s still available for purchase if you want one:

Also just got these beauties fresh from the mailbox, a very minty Japanese /T-Promo Set:

Gotta love Japanese sellers and their service / packaging sometimes; I mean how amazing is this:


Thank you so much! I instantly appreciated that box. Awesome e-cards btw.

uuuh this binder looks really nice. How many binders do you have in total ? :grin:

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I just have the binders shown minus the Pikachu one which isn’t out yet, so… six Pokemon binders and one Yu-Gi-Oh? They’re all filled to maybe 90% capacity, so I estimate that I have around 2300-2500 cards. (360*7=2520)

Picture updates for today:

1) Japanese GB Promos, Masaki Promos, Grand Party Trainer Promo, WHF Vending Sheet 00

2) ANA Promos, JR Rally Mt. Fuji Surfing Pikachu

3) Natta Wake Promos, Information Pack Dunsparce/Bellossom, 2nd Anniversary Birthday Pikachu


Another small update cause I got a package in the mail today:

Magikarp/Gyarados Pretend Pikachu Box - Had to pick one of these up for the Pikachu FAs for my Pikachu collection; figured I might as well get the entire box since it was only a couple of bucks more than the two promos themselves.

Pulls from my 5 Bandit Ring Packs - Haven’t opened packs myself in so long that I’ve forgotten what it feels like. Got myself a Mega Ampharos EX, which I’m pretty happy with; definitely one of my favorites Pokemon of all time and I already have the FA version in English. This card is putting crazy ideas in my head though… should I go for a Japanese Mega-EX collection? My wallet is already sweating beads.


nice collection my friend! i sense the High roller is strong in you! Nice presentation as well!

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@dragontype & @thorgene Thanks guys, your seals of approval mean a lot. :grin: I consider the old Japanese promos I have to be “mid-tier” cards in that they aren’t common to come by but still nothing compared to big guns like trophy cards. I am slowly moving up the ladder though, one of these days I’ll get to stuff like Fan Club Porygon/Eevee, or even trophy Kangaskhan; they’re definitely on my list.

Showcase for Today:

  1. McDonald’s Pokémon-e Minimum Pack

  1. e-Minimum holo Energies, Imakuni’s, Touch Change! “Picasso Trainer”, Lucky Stadium Collection

Annnd let me throw in some Yu-Gi-Oh as well:

1) Secret Rare English God Cards, LOB Exodia Set, The Seal of Orichalcos

  1. Blue-Eyes White Dragon Collection - The Charizard of Yu-Gi-Oh. Had my 1st Edition SDK Blue-Eyes since middle school; how I love him. :’)

3) Yu-Gi-Oh Anniversary Pack + Magi Magi Magician Girl - Alternate art cards drawn by Kazuki Takahashi, the creator of Yu-Gi-Oh for the series’ 10th Anniversary in 2008. The first Blue-Eyes on the second row in the picture above is a part of this set.