Rayquaza Collection + Other Cool Stuff! (Korean BGS! 11/4)

Comming along nicely :blush:


very nice so far

I don’t mean this rude in any way whatsoever, but can you elaborate on the appeal of owning multiple copies of the same card in the same condition?

I’ve always wondered what made people want that.

I just really like the gold star Rayquaza :blush:. No other reason really lol. I am trying to find a psa 10 English though.

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You are going to have a hard time finding a PSA 10.
Currently 2 of them are in complete/near complete PSA 10 Gold Star sets

Another person has 2 of them. I helped a friend sell one for over 1200 when
there weren’t any online for awhile.

Gold Star Cards wants 2-2,500/OBO for his.

There is another person with more of a rayquaza affinity. This person has 4 PSA
10 Rayquaza gold Stars.

That’s 9 out of the 10 or 12 on the population. Most sell for at least $900.

But dat Regirock EX.

RayquazaTCG Avatar @pottsinator said:Comming along nicely :blush:


Great collection! Personally I think multiple copies of a single card is fine as long as the card means something special to you. At one point I had an absurd amount of Base Charizards’ and loved showing those off in photographs. Very impressed with the PSA 10 1ED Rayquaza Star. :blush:

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Updated collection :blush: still have a few more on their way from the far off land of Canada :rofl:

I really like the design of this card :stuck_out_tongue: (Skys Rayquaza)


You are such an aggressive collector. lmao. Your goals get done in no time at all.
Very beautiful cards! I honestly love a lot of those. Usually not that fascinated by legendaries compared to normal pokemon, but some of these artworks are on point.

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thanks! :blush: haha I should have started with this collection to begin with! :laughing:

Now that they made a mega Ray im super stoked!

Still have the Gold Star set?

no :confused: I had to sell/trade most for these

Have you considered tracking down the game show Rayquaza EX?

what is that?? :nerd_face:

Oh wow, so many new cards compared to first post. Good to know my Rayquaza went to an enthusiast. :grin:

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Oo I see :blush: I know nothing about that lol . is it really rare?


Obnoxiously rare IMO.

If I recall, the last one sold for ~250,000 JPY within a few days on Y!J.

Damn -.-

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I weep for you, my friend… >_<