Mewcollector's collection thus far

My psa japanese cards so far Attachment DeletedAttachment Deleted

Wow. What a start! Congratulations. Enjoy them. :blush:

Thank u

I hope to have latios in the next month

Those are some great looking cards.

Do you have any specific goal for your psa collection ? :blush:

Great cards! I bet those Gold Stars will continue to climb in value. :blush:

Yeah I want to get a psa 10 complete japanese gold star set including the play promos and wcp gold stars too

Thank u

Attachment DeletedAttachment DeletedHere are some more recent pick ups of mine and the psa one is my favorite card

I love these cards! I am super jealous as I don’t have any of the cool L-P promos.

Will you be getting those singles graded?

yes as soon as the rest of them get here from japan I have 5 more cards coming at the moment then off to psa they will go

Very nice Darkrai and Cresselia!
I recently got those graded and received 10s.
They have since been sold :blush:

i really like the L P promos I plan on getting some more soon

thank u. Yeah the player promos will be the hardest to get for me as the price is so high on umbreon and espeon and the charizard too

Nice start to your collection. Hopefully those promos grade well at psa.

I wonder how many of the play umbreon and espeon were produced and how many are left ungraded.

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I am afraid of the answer to this question. :stuck_out_tongue:

not to sure but I think when I buy mine I will get them already graded as I am picky about my collection I really like psa 10 the only time I won’t want a card in 10 is if it’s a trophy card especially older ones as they’re super hard to find in any condition

I actually hope there are more out theyre then what is currently graded by psa which is very very few.

me personally have never seen either ungraded for sale and I’ve been back into the collecting for 4 years now but that doesn’t mean they’re not out here I’m sure there is quite a few still In japan put in binders never to see the light of day again?:thinking:

That will be probably the only option at current situation. In practical terms it’s a small miracle if any sealed Espeon/Umbreon will surface for sale. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am primarily an english collector but the espeon and umbreon have always caught my eye. There was a time when someone in australia was selling all 5 PSA 10 play eveelution gold stars for 4500 BIN. After ebirdman posted his this guy eventually bumped his up to 9-10k. That listing was up for several weeks too. Anyone who was looking for either of those cards missed that opportunity.