Liquid's Collection Adds--New PSA In

Hey everyone, I’ve been a member for a while and decided to finally come out of the woodwork and say hi. I’ve definitely chatted with some of you around here and on ebay, where I buy/sell as canadia95. I started collecting when I was a lot younger, and recently got back into it a few years ago. I’m interested mostly in Japanese stuff, especially cool promos, gold stars, and other hard to find ultra rares, and also some English cards like errors and other interesting releases. I also really like collecting Lugia cards.

I just started getting into sending my cards to get graded, so as my first foray into the collection additions area and to introduce some of the stuff I have, here are my first 6 grades back. Looking forward to talking more–I have 39 more grades on the way!


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Everyone’s getting the Player’s Mew Ex graded, I’m so jealous! Very nice returns you got there!

Welcome welcome! We’ve done business on eBay at least a few times.

Great quality cards and pictures. I am especially impressed by the Golden Sky cards & Mew. :blush:

Welcome to the forum. You have a great collection shaping up. Thanks for sharing. Cheers!

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Jealous of the Mew GS, nice.

Thanks for the compliments and the welcomes! I was super happy about the Mew, I’ve had a really really hard time finding one without centering problems. And yup I’m looking for that Suicune next for Golden Sky.

Here are some of my older PSAs too.

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Those are some really awesome ones!

Love that Pearl and Grand Party. They’re two of my favourite trophy cards. :blush:

Nice set and welcome…:blush:

Sorry for the delayed response, been traveling and had a crazy busy schedule. Thanks everyone! Now that I’m back I have a new set of grades in. I’ll have pictures over the next few days, so here’s a start.

So close part 1
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So close part 2
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And some others
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Will have more up soon!


Well done getting psa 10 1st ed. Regirock, not the most common sight on market as funny it may sound. :wink:

Look at all those 10s! Congrats!

Thanks! The Regirock took some work to track down. Here are a couple more pieces

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For a second I thought those secret rare M charizards were english.

Nice collection so far.

The GameBoy holos’ illustrations are some of my favorites. I’d love to have some one day!

You’re off to a strong start. Some of the cards are really really nice (especially the older ones). Keep them coming, I’m looking forward to future updates of yours!

Great collection. I love the mew players promo! Love the artwork on that card! Im definitely going to get one for my collection.

I wish the M Charizards were in English too! The 10s seem nearly impossible for that set.

And thanks for the kind words! Here’s one last group of 10s from this batch, some supporters and a Groudon lottery promo

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