cbd1235's collection

I figure that since lots of other users on here have done this I might as well too! There’s not much that may be of interest to you guys yet however in the future I think I’ll have a great collection!

Here’s the link to my photobucket:

Let me know what you think! There are three sub-albums


Very nice grades on the 1st edition base set cards only one not a 10 is the charizard. That is awesome.

Nice collection…Love the PSA 10 Masaki Omastar

@cbd1235 – You have a very cool collection! I absolutely love the PSA 9 Fan Club GET Magikarp 600 EXP :heart:

Thank you everybody I really appreciate it! I added some great cards today if anyone wanted to check them out!

Trophy Kangaskhan PSA 8, Masaki Machamp PSA 10, Grand Party PSA 10, Vending Bill’s Pass Card PSA 10!

So your the one that bought footballjulians Kangaskhan :wink: that card has changed hands so many times its shocking.

To change hands it will no longer!

Just wait there’s a whole lot more awesome coming in the next month :wink: I’m not sure I’ve just been keeping to myself buying up a storm

I’m really jealous of the creator pack :open_mouth:

Thanks! I got it about a year ago for a steal! They seem to have doubled in price recently I bought at a good time :blush:

Beautiful addition today: 1998 #2 Trophy Pikachu!

It shall find its way into a new PSA holder very shortly!


Nice so your the one that bought that :blush: nice addition

Wow! Nice!

Nice addition! Just out of curiosity, what made you go for the No. 2? Was it the price range of the card?

Actually it was the artwork. I think it is the most beautiful one of the three in terms of artwork and colour so that was why I decided on that one!

PS I did not buy the #2 because it’s the one you’re missing! (different year but you know what I mean) hahaha

haha I didn’t think you did! I always get excited when I see a Pika No. 2, that 1997 is always on the top of my want list.

Oh and good idea about getting it PSA graded!

Couple of nice trophies today that are currently en route to PSA

1998 #3 Trophy Pikachu + 1999 #2 Super Secret Battle


Awesome cards. I love the 3rd place Pikachu Trophy!

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Wow! You are building your ultra rare collection quite fast! Nice additions.