M786ali's Collection

Hi Guys,

I thought I might as well make my collection thread seeing that my new additions have finally arrived and won’t be going any where soon ( except a trip to PSA and back)

Here they are -

Here’s my Photobucket profile - s1142.photobucket.com/profile/m786ali/index

If you want to check out other card’s that I currently own.

I was amazed when I first saw them I didnt realise from scan’s etc on the internet that the size difference is so much. At least with them next to regular card people will see the difference in size now.

The opportunity came for the second set so I went for it seeing that these don’t come up for sale often. Plus I have the original sleeve’s and envelopes as well thanks to djcantu.

I don’t know if PSA would issue 10’s on these but 1 set is definitely PSA 9 worthy the other will probably be between a 8-9

Congrats! We been talking and they look amazing! Totally jealous of the khan.

Thanks Haze.

They are most definitely amazing and I’m sure you will get a trophy kangaskhan for your collection someday.

Dat Articuno! Always escaped me!

The cards illustrations look great together. :blush:

Very nice!
I say send the better of the 2 to PSA, and take darkrai’s advice and keep the uglier cards for the envelope :wink:

@ Smpratte - Yep they look really good together I probably opened my folder numerous times in the past 2 days just to look at them.

@ Darkrai - Thanks and im really stuck atm deciding if I should grade both set’s or just the one.

@ pokemontrader - I wouldn’t call them uglier because they just have a small damage on the making them less than PSA 9’s but even still all the card’s look awsome to me.

Great Ali! nice pics and love the Khan!

Nice! Very Impressive to see all of those cards together…not to mention two sets of birds!

Whats next up for you?

@ pokegeri - Thanks

@mkpokecc - I never thought of owning all these card’s and to have 2 sets of birds is pretty awsome.

I havent thought of what’s going to be next but I’ll see what pops up for sale next .

Thanks Stuart

Iv actually found my next purchase yesterday hopefully should be here within 3 weeks time.

Just got the grades for the trophy cards -

TMB Moltres - PSA 8&9
TMB Articuno - PSA 9&9
TMB Zapdos - PSA 9&10
Kangaskhan - PSA 9
Kamex White ‘R’ - PSA 6 (Not bad when I only paid $150)

Il upload some pictures when I get them back.

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Wow! That’s excellent outcome particularly the Kamex White R. Congratulations. Look forward to the pics.

@m786ali – Congratulations! Pretty impressive numbers, I’d say :blush:

Great grades! Congrats on the PSA 10 phone card, that’s a first. :blush: can’t wait to see them!

I was very pleased with the grades as well hopefully they will arrive in the next week if customs dont keep it too long. Il upload the images as soon as they arrive.

In the mean while heres some other stuff I recieved this week.

2x Daisuki Club Pikachu DPt-P versions.

A sealed World Champions Pack (EX power Keeper in english) I havent seen many of these so I bought one.

Took a risk for this one on YJ by paying 3000 yen with a bad image on the auction but it paid off because it was in mint condition and 1st ed as well.

Just recieved the cards today -

Recieved the Vaporeon WCP PSA 10 today to complete the set.

Very Nice! Never thought I would see two graded sets of bird cards in one place :stuck_out_tongue:

Those are all amazing, congrats! GEM WC eeveelutions are sweet. Everything else is obviously a huge accomplishment aswell.

Here are 2 of my newest purchases -

These are the rarer versions to the Perfect box set.

These where given out to Japanese residents through a lottery system. The way that you got a place in the lottery was that you had to send out 2 slips from the Legend packs and your name was placed in the lottery to get either set A or B. Only 1000 of these where produced.

Set A had the Ho-Oh and Lugia & Set B inc the 3 Legendary Dogs/Beasts Entei/Raikou/Suicune.