Unown's Collection~

I present you my humble collection so far~
Most of these were just randomly purchased. If I liked it, I bought it :3
Now I’m actually aiming for certain cards which makes it a lot easier to keep track of what I’m doing xD

Hope the link works~


That Kangaskhan!! :wink:
I hope I can add that beautiful card to my collection one day.

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Wow! Those are amazing cards. I love the Trophy Khan. I’ve been trying to get one myself for quite sometime now but still no luck. Congratulations on obtaining these cards and thanks for sharing. :blush:

If you don’t mind me asking, where did you buy your Trophy Khan? I’m just curious.

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Thanks Justin =)
Yea, I’m so happy with it!
A huge thanks to m786ali as he’s the one I purchased the card from some months ago.

Ah that was you?!? I almost purchased that one from m786 but u beat me to it!! I’m happy it ended up in the community :blush:

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As humble and small your collection may be, it is absolutely beautiful and amazing! Love a lot of the cards you have and I think it’s been a while since I’ve seen Shadowless cards all in a row like that. What’s your favorite Pokemon to collect if any?

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That’s an impressive collection! Like others have said, that trophy khan is beautiful and a card I one day would hope to obtain myself (as unlikely as that may be). Looking forwards to see more updates!

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Impressive collection

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Great collection well done!!

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No problem at all glad it went into a nice collection.

Cant wait to see what you add to it next.

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Haha yea. I was THIS close not buying it, was during a rough time when I was in Uni. Glad I bought it anyway :3

@azul Ryu
Thank you =) I’m considering to collect any and all suicune cards out there. Just need to push myself to actually do it xD

Thanks. I hope you will too. I never expected to own the card either but I eventually did.

Thank you!


Thanks! Yea I’ll post whenever I get something new :3

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Everyone deserves a Sunset Mew.
So. Dang. Pretty.


beautiful collection

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IKR, gorgeous card :heart_eyes:

Thanks a lot =)

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Your collection may be small but it really is great! You have some very difficult cards to get!
Like everyone else, I’m way impressed with the Khan!

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Nice collection! I especially appreciate those 1ED JPN packs. Such phenomenal artwork. :blush:

Thanks a lot ^^ Haha yea, the Khan is really the eye-catcher

Thank you. I love the japanese packs, especially the older ones. They looks amazing *_*

If your going to collect all the suicune cards you sure must be relieved to already have the lottery card!


Haha, which why I wanted to collect suicune cards. Already have the rarest one xD

Added a few new stuff to my collection ^^

1st Ed. Boosters and a Fan Club Porygon~

One question for the Mods: Is it ok to “double post” like this? :0

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