Thor Gene's Collection Update 11/18/15

Hello Hello as one of the newer members of the community I decided to upload my entire up to date collection onto here to share with the rest of yall. I started a little over a year and a half ago. Primarily collecting Raw WoTc Cards but since then have expanded to bigger and better things alot of the new and older Japanese stuff, Vending series cards, mail in masaki, as well as rare corocoro cards. I run a youtube Channel where all my latest and greatest cards get featured onto before added to my collection, PSA returns, latest BCBM’s and so on, So please check that out and subscribe if you like it. I constantly giveaway free PSA cards on a monthly bases as well for added incentive.

I plan on being into this hobby for awhile and will move onto sealed booster boxes in the feature (don’t worry that will be uploaded onto here as well) so without further ado lets go ahead and get started.

My Collection

In Order
-Unlimited base set
-1st edition jungle set (Missing nidoqueen)
-1st edition fossil set
-1st edition team rocket set
-1st edition gym heros set (Missing Blaine’s Moltres)
-1st edition gym challenge set
-Assorted Japanese cards
-Assorted English cards
-Updated Charizard collection



theyre all 10s *_*

Not everything mate XD

lol had the same reaction at first O.O

Nice collection mate.

This just arrived


Lovely card. I want to acquire one, one day.

I’m happy with the 9 I have currently, but one day I’ll have to make that upgrade. One of my favorite cards :blush:

I must buy your extra zards Joey!

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Not gonna lie, the thing I was most excited to see in your collection photos was that PSA storage case. Is that an official one or something you made yourself?


Crazy grades man, jelly…

Wonderful collection…thanks for sharing

Latest add. More to come this week.


Came in today


On a different note, Submitting 22 cards into PSA for a 10 day service.

All pack pulled/pealed/Mint from Japan (except for Blaine’s Moltres)

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That Mewtwo is and has been one of my favorite artworks in Pokemon. GB Lugia is another one that I really enjoy from the GB series as well. Great addition!

Agreed. And I just love how it says “Great Rocket’s Mewtwo.” :sunglasses:

Keep up the awesome adds!

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Same its a real beauty, The GB lugia is also awesome! only reason I like it more is b/c it has darker eyes. hehe

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I’m curious about this aswell! :blush:

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haha thanks guys! You can also own one yourself!

I’ve had mine for over a year and its the most durable thing ever. Holds 164 PSA cards WITH custom PSA sleeves on them. Once its full its pretty heavy.

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I just now got a chance to look through your collection album.

-The Crystals are likely my favorite individual item. Very nice! Beautiful cards and some of my first real gems.
-The storage case is top notch. I might actually invest in one myself after seeing that. Thanks for the link.
-That’s a lot of PSA 10 Battle Festa Pikachus. I’m lazy and haven’t bothered grading a gem mint one for myself yet.
-I LOVE custom framed collectibles. I think displaying them is a wonderful reminder to yourself about loving what you do. I’ve got a couple things framed and some future framing projects of my own that I finish every six-twelve months or so. That made me happy to see.