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Hey guys!

I thought I should make a photobucket and show my cards to the community as most of you do this… I just got back into collecting in May this year so my collection is not soo amazing.
I know most of you collect pre 2003 cards… but until now I was collecting past 2003 trophy cards because I love how they look and of course the cases are amazing… Now I am planing to go for the older “big” trophy cards… so hopefully there will be something popping up again this year.

My biggest treasures are the Japanese World Championship qualifier trophy cards, Master’s Key and Wonder Platinum. According to bulbapedia there were only 17 of the Master’s Key and 9 of the Wonder Platinum given out. I know that the amount of cards given out is a very much discussed topic… I know from several sources that these amounts are appropriate. I will send these two to PSA after my holidays… I hope to get 10’s on them because the condition is perfect… but who knows maybe PSA will find something to make them 9’s :stuck_out_tongue:

I am sorry for the not so perfect pictures (I dont have my camera at the moment so I had to take those pictures with my cell phone)… as soon as I have my new camera I will upload some better pictures.

Of course I have plenty of other cards from older Japanese, English and German sets but I wanted to start showing my beauties first ;D

Thanks for looking :blush:


Yes exactly i did not buy the pearl because it was given out at the winter challenge and because of that there are a lot more given out than of the diamond and of course platinum
But i might buy it one day :blush:

I always seen you talking about Pre-2003 prize cards, I had no clue you had these though!
Your collection so far which you have uploaded is awesome. The cases as well just make it even better!
Well done on achieving some pretty damn rare cards. :blush:

Awesome collection… I recognize that mew orb from somewhere o.O

Thanks a lot :blush: yeah I am just very interested in the origin of cards and I loved doing research about pre 2003 cards… when I started collecting trophy cards the pre 2003 (Pika, SSB and so on) were just too expensive so I went for cards like victory ring pika… But I never thought I would once own cards like wonder platinum and masters key…
I really hope I can obtain one of the holy grail cards such as pika or SSB, TMB… :blush:

Thaanks… Yeeees it was yours ;D thanks again for letting me buy it.i love that card so much :grin:

Beautiful collection Geri, awesome cards! Keep the pictures coming in the future :blush:

Very nice! That is quite a collection of post 2003 rarities! :blush:

Thanks all! I appreciate your comments :blush:
@darkrai: I love the original cases as well… the cards look even more special to me :blush:

@jason: yes I will definitely keep uploading pictures and I promise the next obes will be of better quality!

@reina: I too love the master key… i find it one of the most beautiful cards… And I love the Celebi on it :blush: Yeah the groudon/kyogre cases are nice… It wasn’t easy to find the victory mew and pika victory ring in those as there were more 2005 versions around on ebay and so on… I have only seen very few 2006 cases over the years

@poke-geri – Beautiful collection, truly stunning :heart::heart: I am impressed by your [Master’s Key] and [Wonder Platinum]!

I am definitely looking forward to observing your future additions :blush:

@reina: I thought the same thing when I first noticed there is a trophy card with Celebi on it… it is really shiny! I will try to do some better pictures with more light so the shiny effect is better visible…

@unique: thanks a lot :blush: I hope I can do some good additions in the next months :blush:

Ooo those are fantastic! :grin: I’d love to see a high res scan of the Celebi Key, that card is stunning :heart_eyes:

Thanks :blush: I will do better pictures in the near future (especially of the Master key) :blush:

For just getting back into collecting since May, I think your collection is amazing. Thanks for sharing, I’m looking forward to seeing what you add next.

Thank you avalanche :blush: Yeah I’ve spent quite a bit money in the last weeks :wink:

Guys I got a package from PSA today!!

Both, Master Key and Wonder Platinum were graded Gem Mint! and I am so happy about that… Although they labelled the Wonder Platinum as Victory Medal :angry: The Victory Medal has the same number (033) and is from the same year (2009) as the Wonder Platinum so I guess that was the reason why they labelled incorrect… I will send it to PSA again to fix it…
My Fan Club Porygon got a 9 :blush:

There will be new additions soon so keep checking :blush:

Awesome additions Geri!!

If you need any help filling out the form to have the label fixed then lmk. You send it as “mech error” and write what the mistake is, and what it should be. They do it free of charge and also ship back to you free of charge.

Thanks Jason! Yes, I know… I already contacted PSA… I’ll send the card back to them tomorrow :blush: Kind of funny because they did not know the wonder platinum card yet because it is the first one ever to be graded…

…holy shit. I think those are my new favorite cards. I LOVE the Pokemon in the backround. They’re amazing looking.

Needs more Champions League. :blush: But those do look great! You are holding it down with the post 2003 Trophies!