poke-geri's collection

The Master’s Key is one of my all time favorite cards. Its extremely beautiful. To own a gem mint copy is quite a feat. Congratulations! Its nice to see hard work and search pay off with nice collectibles.

Thanks all… yeah the masters key is my favorite as well… I love the artwork and of course celebi :grin:

Scott: yes the champions leagues are still to go :blush: hopefully ill add them soon…

Thanks a lot guys! Yes, the Master’s Key looks really amazing… it’s very shiny if I turn into the light… I will try to do some other pictures soon…
yeah I was so happy when I saw that both graded gem mint :grin:

there will be some new addition very soon!

Guys… the new addition just arrived… it is the most expensive addition to my collection so far…
This card has been in the collectioin of Scott and was then listed by Brianjapan on ebay for a long time… It was now time for me to get this treasure…

The 2005 Champion’s League Trophy card with case… there are only 24 in existence and only 12 were given out with this case (the other 12 with a red 2006 Groudon/Kyogre case, the same as the 2006 victory Mew and Pikachu). It looks very beautiful and will have a special place in my collection!

WOW Nice Geri! As a non-fan of newer trophy cards, your recent additions are starting to sway me to the other side :wink:

Anyways congrats :blush:

Looks good Geri! I am glad you got it!

And Jason you should join the other side. :blush:

Thanks guys! I have always loved those newer trophy cards with their amazingly good looking cases… and this card looks especially cool…
Jason… you’re soon running out of past 2003 cards so you have to go to the newer trophies :stuck_out_tongue:


Very nice collection thus far!
I really need to update mine here… Scanning takes FOREVER though!

Very beautiful addition to your collection :grin:

Thanks a lot guys… it really shines and sparks a lot!

@poke-geri – Congratulations! I have been badgering Brian keeping an eye on this particular 2005 Champion’s League Trophy Card for years. I am a bit jealous, yet it is great that it went to a UPCCC member :heart:

haha Thanks UU! :blush: it is really a great card… especially with the case… I have been watching it for quite some time as well and now thought it was time for me to get it :blush:

@poke-geri – Did you purchase the 2012 No. 2 Victory Cup on eBay, by chance?

Nope… I planned to do it soon because i already have the 3rd place but it wasnt me… I have no idea who bought it


Today’s a perfect day! I received a package and couldn’t wait to open it. This is by far my most amazing addition ever made. I am very proud to finally be in the very small group of „holy-grail“ trophy card owners J

I have always dreamed of owning this card when I was younger.

1999 Tropical Mega Battle No. 2 Trainer!

We now have the set complete for this community (Jason with No. 1 and Marcel with No. 3) which means the UPCCC has the following sets:

full SSB (twice), every Pikachu set (1st, 2nd and 3rd Tournament), full TMB, and 2 Illustrators (one to come soon hopefully) I think our community is amazing :stuck_out_tongue:

here are some photos (sorry for the size :grin:)… i will do some high-res scans as soon as it is graded


Wow, simply beautiful. Congratulations on joining the elite, and making this community even better!

What grade are you expecting on it?

Wow! that is a beauty of a card :blush: Where did you get it? Did Jimmy finally part with his?

Awesome! I have th same question as Mike! Did you get Jimmy’s?!?

Thanks guys! No, Jimmy didnt sell it to me. I got it from another serious collector who isnt on any forums…

I am expecting a 10 on it… it is really flawless and I cant find any whitenings… Im just scared of sendung it out to PSA :confused: haha

I’m so very excited for you, it looks outstanding :blush: huuuge congratulations!