The HapyCake Collection ~ Uh-Oh, PSA collection begins..

Hey everyone! my collection keeps on growing but I wanted to share some of my joy with the community! enjoy the pics (sorry for the low quality :confused:

Toyota & JR rally

Info Pack Promos

______'s pokemon

Kanto Gym leaders


Here’s some personal favorites and some random silly cards:

Poor man’s Unikarp and Trophy Khan

Ditto being ditto

Intro Arcanine and Quilava

Intro Skarmory and Vending Kabuto

Vending Haunter and Playmat Slowpoke

And… the icing on the cake… PSA 10 Goop Gas :blush: :blush: :blush:

More to come :blush:


Love it! :blush: I’m looking for this version of the trophy Khan.

You have a lot of really rare and awesome cards. Keep sharing your collection :blush: can’t wait to see it grow.

Very, very nice!

Do you have any plans to add the Asobikata Pikachu and Jigglypuff (non-glossy)?

Those are a must in any older collection. :ninja:

I have a pair of the glossys, i’ll probably get a set of those as well as the gray star pair in the future. Right now i’m trying to focus on my japanese shining collection. Just got my charizard!! :blush:

What an impressive set of additions!

I am a huge fan of the Natta Wake cards. :blush:

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very nice

Impressive collection. I particularly liked the GB set and the birthday Pikas. Well done and thanks for sharing your collection with us.

really like the first and second pics

Yeah, nice collection, particularly the GB and Nata Wake sets !

Are all your cards MINT ?

Yea almost all are nm to mint. I actually prefer ungraded copies for my set collections (unless its a 10 or very rare card). I even went as far to crack that GB mewtwo out of its case :open_mouth:

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Hey everyone! here are some more pics of my cards. I finally finished my pikachu records set :blush:

Day and Night Umbreon

Master’s Scroll (I could stare at this card for hours :stuck_out_tongue:)


yes, nice master scroll indeed. :blush:


@smpratte your ebay berries are next :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey everyone. Here are some updated, higher quality pics and some new additions. I’m gunna be posting a few more pics soon of some sets I am completing shortly :blush:

Touch changes

Karen’s vs


The big boss

Misty’s politoed


New pics of sets :blush:

Natta wake


Pikachu records

WOTC Prerelease

Imakuni +


Grand party

fan club get