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Updated collection thread. Adding collection highlights to the main post now. :blush:

Unnumbered promotional cards (1996-2002) (Last updated 2018/10/02)

Japanese jumbo promos (Last updated 2018/10/04)

Base Set (Expansion Pack) (Last updated 2018/10/14)

Old main post:

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I figured I’d start a collection thread as well. I don’t have collection pics at the moment but I’ll be making some collection highlight pics soon enough.

I do have some pictures of recent additions so in the meantime I’ll post those here. Will update the OP when I take collection pics. :blush:


Great collection! Are going to grade any of these?

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Very nice collection! The grand party trainer is my favorite of what you have.

I get the appeal of graded cards and the third party confirmation is nice for preservation/resale but I’m not really a fan of graded cards cause they take up so much more space and my space is already limited. So unless I’m planning on selling it I won’t get it graded. The cards in the pictures are all recent additions for my personal collection so they’ll stay ungraded for now. :blush:

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Small update, decided to bite the bullet and bought 100 binders so I can store each individual set in its own binder. I had them in big ultra pro binders but I think this will make for a neater solution in the long run.

Here’s what arrived at my doorstep this morning:

And this is how part of it looks like in the bookshelves:

I plan on making neat spine labels but I need to find me some logos of the Japanese sets which is a bit of a challenge, so in the meantime I’ve put some placeholder labels in the binders so I can at least know which binder is which set lol

I should also be getting a big package from Japan again sometime in the near future.


some small but cool things came in, next week I should get a big package from Japan. :blush:

@ozenigma @pokemonunboxing :wink:


Should use the binder label another forum member here has made would look really nice.


Only done english sets, else I’d agree :blush:

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Aaaah sorry my bad :blush:

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Yeah I would have if they were labels for the Japanese sets haha

Daamn boy, nice Hoopa :sunglasses:


Also got a Hoopa playmat now. Figured any self-respecting collector should have at least one playmat so I decided to go with the Hoopa one.


Sounds like a lot of hoopa to me.


Very cool. what’s the card far right on middle row?

That Hoopa is really cool

That’s a Champion Road Miracle Berry promo from 2000 (with a gold stamp at the bottom). :blush:

Big box came in :grin:

I’m still missing a few more recent auctions I won but those will be shipped at a later time.

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The following cards I bought to fill in some gaps. I already had the blastoise but I wanted to fill in both slots in my binder (please trade and cd promo pages).

Cool jumbo cards and theme decks. The Latias and Latios jumbo came in a big lot.

Got these premium files as well even though I already have the cards in the neo files. Happy with the pokepark forest premium file, also came in the big lot I bought.

Finally got the new book for a great price as well, and the movie commemoration promos also came in the big lot. Didn’t have any of those cards yet.

Now for some pictures of the cards I found in the lots I bought.

The stack of cards with the Rocket’s Moltres on top is all old back holos, but unfortunately a lot of them are pretty played. Stack with the Dragonite GB promo is all old back promos. Also some VS cards next to the e-reader machop.

Random e-reader holos in the lot

A whole bunch of ex cards in the lot

A whole bunch of ADV / PCG era holos

A whole bunch of DP / DPt era holos

A whole bunch of promos, vs half-deck cards and some secret rares. Also has the lenticular deoxys. The original owner of this lot seemed to like deoxys a lot haha.

Some more random finds, lv x, unused promos and half decks

even more C/U/R ADV / PCG era cards, many of which I didn’t have yet so yay

Neo Imakuni music CD with promo card and some cool ass flyers. One has some pages on tropical mega battle and super secret mega battle as well which might be interesting to have a better look at.

And finally the actual reason this lot sparked my interested.

WHICH TURNED OUT TO ALL BE FAKE! :angry: On the photo of the auction they looked legitimate but unfortunately I got goofed.

So here’s a picture of my frustration:

All in all for what I paid for the lot it had some good stuff so it’s not bad at all, but the fakes put a really bad taste in my mouth.

Also have stacks of C/U/R of old cards, coins, little deck boxes and a bunch of other random goods but I cba to take pictures of that.


After seeing his thread SuperSaiyanAmpharos gave me an idea to start photographing my binders/sets individually as collection highlight posts. I’ll be making more binder pictures some time in the future but first up are some pictures of my unnumbered promo binder. :blush:

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Beautiful collection! I love that dratini, so nice. Glad I could inspire you cause I enjoyed seeing the collection so far, looking forward to seeing the rest! Makes me want to update my thread with some new goodness now.

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Just a quick little addition, finally have a non-glossy pikachu promo from the Easily Understand How to Play Pokémon Cards magazine. I should be getting a lot of good stuff in the near future, like old magazines and an intro pack. :grin:

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