carrotzz Collection Thread

So I have been lurking for awhile and finally decided to make an account earlier last year. I now would like to make a collection thread of my collection as I keep acquiring items. I hope you enjoy. (Very image heavy)

Binder Collection:

SPOILER: Click to show

Sableye Collection

Japanese Vending Cards

Japanese Promo

English Promo

WOTC — B&W Most of these cards are from thought my childhood.

Shining Cards

Full Art Cards

Hidden Fates and Shiny Star V

Japanese and English Character Cards

Full Art Trainers

Jirachi Collection

Rayquaza Collection

Latios & Latias Collection

Treecko, Grovyle, Sceptile Collection (Treecko is also my favorite Pokemon)

Here is my small collection of PSA cards:

SPOILER: Click to show

Sealed Promo

These are cards I will eventually get graded.

Here is all my other sealed and Pokémon related things:

SPOILER: Click to show

Japanese Southern Island

Poncho Pikachu Rayquaza Box

Japanese Latios & Latias Gift Box

Japanese Dream League Booster Box

Keiko Fukuyama postcards

Natta Wake manga (with sealed cards)


You have spooky beans! 10/10 collection


Good lord.

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Dude your collection is phenomenal! I LOVE all the commemorative movie promos! And it’s so nice to see Sableye get the recognition he deserves! Such an underrated Pokemon, with some of the best artwork in the TCG. Fantastic stuff, and thanks for sharing it!

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This is awesome - looking forward to see how this grows!

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Damn, great choices! Although if there’s not a sableye in that treecko art. Maybe swap it with scream psyduck hidden sableye)

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So many amazing pieces here! The quality and diversity of it all really is impressive!

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Haha thanks and yes the gem goblin is great. Maybe one day I can find the elusive Art Academy one. :sob:

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That treecko is one of my all time favorite arts so I just had it as a place holder but I never thought to place the psyduck there. Thanks for the great idea. :blush:

Awesome collection, there’s a lot of stuff here I didn’t even know existed!

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What a neat collection! I didn’t know about those Natta Wake promo cards, but I really like them.

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Love Keiko Fukuyama’s postcards!

I’ve been tracking the Gift Box Latios and Latias ex cards for some time now. Finding them in good condition has been a challenge. It was nice seeing your pair in a binder and you also have the box to boot.

I really enjoyed looking through your collection. Thanks for sharing.

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Yeah Natta Wake promos are some of my favorite cards. I really love the Hoppip because I think its so funny that they are smiling with teeth. The manga for that card is really heartwarming as well, I think that Himeno did an amazing job on the cards and the books.


Yeah I love the postcards, now if I could only find the elusive 1998 set haha. Yeah it was a pain to find the gift box at the time I bought it and as you can see it’s not in the best condition. I am debating opening it to grade the latios and latias inside because the box isn’t as minty as I would like it to be.

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Definitely! That Hoppip art puts a big grin on my face. Plus, Hoppip has my favorite evolution line.

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Hey everyone, today I wanted to show you something a little different but of course it still includes Pokémon. So I recently built a mechanical keyboard and wanted to show off these super cool keycaps. They are made by an artisan keycap company called S-craft. (Card for scale)


Those are so sick!

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@carrotzz, those are absolutely beautiful. Makes me want to get a Gyarados Backspace button using hyper beam.


@azulryu, That would be awesome if they would do bigger caps. This is the one I have for my backspace for another one of my keycap sets.


@nish, I know I saw them and thought they were so cool. I need them to release more haha.