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Hi. Thanks for stopping by.
After collecting Pokemon cards in elementary school and shortly in 2015 I got back into the hobby in early 2021. This time I decided to collect in English so I needed to start completely from scratch. I try to mainly collect Diamond & Pearl, HGSS and Altarias but I mainly buy EX Era cards because … I don’t know I’m just bad at focusing on my goals. Therefore I wanted to make this thread where I can follow my progress and look back on my journey in a few years.
My current short term collecting goals are:

  • catching up on my modern binder sets
  • completing my childhood LP german binders
  • getting all S&M Alt Art PSA 10 (8/34)

I will update this thread every once in a while and add some more categories once I figured out what the best way to photograph binders is.

Graded Cards


EX Era


Heartgold Soulsilver






Very nice collection thread. I’ve never seen this Sudowoodo card before and idk why but it’s face is hilarious to me. Thanks for sharing!

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You are doing a great job at collecting. The only way you’d be a bad collector is if you do something illegal or expect people to give handouts. However, you are not doing that, so no worries. Your goals sound like a lot of fun and the cards you have so far are great. I love pokemon cards with the sparkly borders.


Thank you. Sudowoodo’s face kinda looks like those weird tik tok filters.

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Cards with holo borders are the best especially when it’s a cosmos foil border. They really pop under the right light.


It also makes them more challenging to grade, so it is cool that you have so many 9s!

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Updated my collection post with some recent additions that arrived this week.

and some CGC slabs which I bought a couple month ago to cross them over to PSA but never did as I wasn’t confident that they would upgrade/stay the same.


For someone self proclaimed as “bad at collecting” your collection is awesome and bursting with personality! Keep it up!

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Nice clean presentation. The gallery view displays your graded cards so well.

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My favorite tag team card :laughing: great additions!

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Thank you for the kind words. I always had the problem though that I never stayed commited to one goal no matter what I collected.

Thanks. This ones definetely in my top three. Those two look simply so adorable. Only the Latias&Latios and Espeon&Deoxys Tag Teams are more beatiful in my opinion.

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That can definitely be hard. Grabbing a bunch of stuff shows you really collect what you like though which is cool. If you’re looking to get more focused I hope you can :slightly_smiling_face:

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve slowly (and silently) added some cards to this thread but didn’t make an update post. I didn’t feel that it was necessary to make a post for a single card at a time.
Therefore I’ll just squeeze them into this update.

Today I received one of my 15$ specials back from PSA with a lot of sparkly cards. Overall I was very pleased with the grades although one or two were a bit iffy.

My next submission is already on the way back to me and should arrive next week (and this one will finally advance my SM alt art collection goal)


Those ex and LV. X :heart_eyes:

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I love them way too much :upside_down_face: But there’s just so much nostalgia in those cards.

I’m with you! ex and LV. X emanate nostalgia for me! Looking forward to you and I getting more :sunglasses:

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