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Hey! This is my current collection, I like cards from every era, so hopefully there’s a little bit for everyone to enjoy - I like to keep everything organized and neat, so I will focus mostly on updating my 4 main posts so that no one has to scroll through the entire thread to catch everything. Any post for updates/additions will eventually be added to this post. Hope you enjoy browsing :slight_smile:

Current goal: Completing BW-XY full art set

Post 1: PSA Graded Collection (Japanese & English)
Post 2: Reserved
Post 3: Reserved
Post 4: Reserved

Lv x

Japanese exclusive Lv. X [4/5]


Early Black & White (Pre-EX)

Black & White

Black & White Plasma EX

X & Y

Mega Evolution EX

Black & White / X & Y Special Art EX


Alternate Art GX


Virtual Collection

Not only do I love collecting Pokemon in the TCG, but I also like collecting them in the video games as well! In this section, I’ll be showcasing all of my Pokemon video game accomplishments / collection goals.
Last updated: 2/27/24


This was my first ever Pokemon game I got in 2009 and so I made sure it was the first I got a complete national dex in. This was done spanning from 2014-17 and required beating multiple games to finish the goal (such as transferring Ho-Oh and Lugia from HGSS).

My goals
100% the game: 3/5 (Need to win master level contest & 100% the battle frontier)

Goals completed
National Dex 100%


Legends Arceus

In this game my goal is to have every page of the Pokedex include a perfect, shiny, alpha, and stamped entry of each Pokemon.



Perfect Field Research - 64/242
Shiny Pokemon 100/224
Alpha Pokemon 194/224
Alpha Unknown 21/28
Alpha Rotom 6/6




Reserve :slight_smile:


This is such a beautiful card and it has a super cool release. I graded a couple last year and they are staying in my PC. Congrats on hitting a goal of yours!!!


Awesome collection, keep it up!


Thanks! And yes it’s definitely one of my favorite cards in my collection. I got into Pokemon during the DP/Lv. X era so once I started getting deeper into collecting as I got older and found out about this card existing I instantly fell in love. Same for the other Japanese exclusive art Lv. X’s as well. It was super cool discovering more Lv. X cards than I had thought existed as a kid. Pikachu being the only unique one (not just an alternate art like the others) made it specifically more special though.

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Small update: as of today, I’m happy to say I have the complete “Special Delivery” set! I managed to get lucky enough to obtain all 3 cards for free. The art comes off a little simplistic, but as a group I think it’s a neat little art set :slight_smile:


I just love how bidoof is the rarest one! :beaver:


If you hold the phone/photo far enough back, the Bidoof looks like a sun faded Charizard

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Update: I cleaned up my original post with the gallery feature and added a couple new cards to it as well.

I also added 3 separate sections, English cards on post 2, sports on post 3, and other TCGs on post 4. I don’t have too many cards uploaded to those sections yet but I will gradually update those.

I added my Ancient Origins master set to post 2, a little bit of football & hockey to post 3. I’ll have a big update soon once I get my first PSA return :slight_smile:

I got my first ever PSA return back!! Super excited with the grades I got :slight_smile:

I won’t show everything but here’s a glimpse - HGSS holos:

I got my PSA 10 Red’s challenge that I had been wanting to grade! That completes my PSA 10 Red, Blue, Green set.

Some alt arts and other various cards:


I really love those soulsilver cards and their artworks. Very cool collection! Thanks for sharing it with us :grin:

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The ex era (along with DP/HGSS) is extremely nostalgic for me, and to honor that here’s a preview of a little side collection that I’m working on…


When it comes to the TCG it’s really only WOTC I remember as a kid, but the video games I played R/S/E and FR/LG into oblivion. Really nice collection thanks for sharing!

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Thanks! Leaf Green was one of the first games I ever played (I think I only played Platinum before it). I played those games so much alongside opening up so much ex packs as a kid (which I feel super fortunate that I got to experience that with how unreasonable it is now). I’m not sure if you were opening in the 08-09 timeline, but I remember Legend Maker and Holon Phantoms being everywhere which is funny to look back on

Superb collection showcase! Really love your FRLG cards and overall great collection thread. Thanks a lot for sharing.


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Update: I got a new scanner so I’m super excited to upload higher quality images of my collection moving forward. This will probably be my last update for awhile as I want to update all my images on my main showcase posts (1-3) with scans and wait until I finish some of my collection goals until I post again. In the meantime, here’s some more cards in my collection that I’ll show while I was testing the scanner quality :slight_smile:


Congrats on the new scanner! If it happens to be a v600 there are a few tips I’d be happy to share regarding settings. Your scans look great regardless :grinning:

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This collection is clean! Love those FRLG reverses and Plasma Full Arts!

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