Packrippa's Collection: Updated 03/22/2015

So, here it begins! I’ll be uploading my most recent AND previous collection additions to this thread

Beginning with these!

-1st edition Chinese Base Booster
From what I understand, Chinese base was a particularly small print - not readily available on common markets in the U.S. at least, any confirmations on rarity?

-Pre-release Jungle Clefable
One of the rarer pre-releases, I believe; stands alone in my opinion. Far from the legendary pre base Raichu, and much more sought after than Seadra, Aerodactyl, and Gyarados.

Thanks for viewing :blush:


I don’t dive super far into foreign cards, but that’s a pretty cool sealed booster to have.

-CoroCoro Promos ending with the Grey Star Pikachu and Jigglypuff Glossy (no Jumbos yet…)
-The last 3, Mewtwo, Dark Persion (non-holo) and Touch! Exchange, were all early Fan Club Promos, from what I’ve seen, the rest of the fan promos include Jumbos like the Century Celebi and Trophy rares like Eevee and Porygon Fan Club Promos.

That chinese booster is awesome! If i had it i would open in and hope to pull a holo. I love how the chinese base set looks. Iv been looking for the charizard but no luck :open_mouth:

Agreed. If everything works out as planed I will have the chinese holo set aswell as the korean one very soon. I’ll keep you guys updated :blush:

Absolutely love the gray star promos and that glossy Mew promo! :blush:

Last pics I took before I left for my work training trip.

Thanks for all the support guys, its nice knowing others have your interest, albeit, the communities, at heart.

Here we have few Neo Promo Binders and a CD Promo/Trade Please Campaign set i pieced together…still no word about the PSA grades…stay tuned :blush:

103 PSA lot is on its 47/45 day, so any day they’ll be ready to view!



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You did really well on those 1st Edition Gold Stars.
Illustrated Zorua/Zoroark set is a bit disappointing, just in the sense that I’m sure you would have liked to see a full 10 set there.

Masaki Omastar/Machamp got the shaft. Any specific reason why?

Gold Stars is where it started - My PSA quest originated with a hopefully graded set of 1st edition Gold Stars.

stoked about the rayquaza, and I dont know what the hell happened with the shining gyarados.

Yes, the Zoroark Set was a bit of a disappointment, but, the rarity of all psa 10s…astounding.

I’ll happily settle for an 9-10 mix.

I think, if I’m remembering correctly, I sent the Maskai Machamp and Omastar ($30 and $35) in with the rest because I couldn’t stand the idea of some being graded and the others messing up the flow of my binder. Call me crazy. And… I got the grades they deserved.

Hey, whatever works for your collection! I would also hate having only a few graded.

And I’m glad that you’ve made such leaps and bounds towards that major, initial goal of yours!

What method do you use for bindering PSA graded cards?

o yes, last of my horn tooting, the most appreciated grade is the 10 Players Vaporeon to go with the 10 Jolteon and Flareon. Super excited to see those 3 together.

storage is a good question, right now my current graded cards are in platic bubble wrap of about 8 per roll, and i have no clue what to do with these lol


@packrippa, don’t be disappointed. Those results are still great. Nothing to sneeze at. I’d gladly take those grades any day of the week. I know you would prefer to have the Zorua-Zoroark set to get 10s (and believe me I was hoping it will) but you still did very well with the mix of 9s and 10s. Regards,

Thanks bud,

77 pieces of a 9&10 mix…i want them now.

I have no suggestions. I wish that I did.
Mine get tucked away in the boxes they are shipped in.

Chinese Base Set 1st ed

Any information on these are always highly appreciated

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