ID these please

Are these the coro coro promo lottery cards?

Yep. I was just looking at that sold listing… kicking myself for not being on top of that

I bought it when it had been up for less then 5 minutes

how rare are they and how good of a deal did I get?

I would’ve paid significantly more! Kool ’ s coballion was up on ebay for 150bin before they put it on auction

i wonder why he put them up for so low then they seem to be mint from the picture I wonder he haven’t shipped yet I hope he does thoe

Noodles is pretty good about their sales, even if they hit bottom barrel prices. I do wonder, though, if they meant to put a reserve on it.

I hope they are I only payed 6 dollars for all 3 bin I think he messed up and meant to put 600

If there’s an issue, he’ll probably contact you. I’ve talked to him a few times for past items and he’s definitely contact worthy.

Besides, you just won the auction not too long ago. I say give it a few days before you start worrying. :blush: Sometimes people just get lucky with these things, like yourself, and honest sellers will either contact you and try to bargain, or just give it to you and call it fair and square.

Thank u I hope there are mint or atleast psa 9 10 worthy.

yeah he messages me said he got a higher offer for them what can u do I guess should of keep the listing off here

Wait, so he made a price mistake but backed out by saying he got a better offer?

Would have been better just to own up to the mistake, IMO, if that is the case.

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he said at first he sold them 2 days earlier in japan but some how he put the auction up last night then he said it was a mistake and they are sold now to higher bidder. I’m not going to leave him bad feedback I’m not mad at him I asked him for another set thoe and said I would pay right price but he said he doesn’t have anymore sets so whatever

I’d be 100% forgiving if I got an honest, straight answer. I just don’t care for dodgy answers that avoid the reality of the situation.

I’m not mad I will contact u later on the set I just wish he would of just told me the truth in the first message instead of saying they sold 2 days prior

I just won Kool’s listing for the coballion. Did i get a good deal at $26??

Wicked sorry you didn’t get it for the steal price. I’m surprised he answered that way, sounds like he’s confused about something.

Maybe karma will come your way? It’s happened before!

What is the consensus on the value of these puppies? I’ve seen them on a few sites at ~$100 a piece

japanese cards promos are going way down in value at auction I have noticed the last few months there is not really a huge market like English at the moment IMO. A lot of very rare japanese cards have sold lately for very very very low prices good for me but bad for the sellers. As far as price per card I would say there are only worth what a buyer is willing to pay at auction end time as with any card. There is no real way to tell real price i would say between 30 to 50 dollars per card.

Only recently ive been able (kind of) to distinguish between the various lottery promos and their less rare counterparts. raikou and entei still confuse the shizzle out of me.